Top 10 sites to access UNEB Past Papers online in Uganda

Access, Download UNEB past papers online in Uganda
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One of the functions of the Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) is to publish past examination papers. The board has successfully done its mandate over the last decades, giving these papers to the respective schools in the country. However, students have found it hard to access these papers due to various reasons. This is why we have compiled for you a list of sources for UNEB Past papers online.

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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

~ Nelson Mandela

The education system has drastically changed in recent years due to the growth of technology in the country. Various innovations led by tech-preneurs have birthed e-businesses/startups and this has also propelled e-learning services. Education in Uganda is now digital, we can confidently say the initial ground has been cemented. This digital wave has made learning resources easily accessible through websites, applications and various channels like WhatsApp and Telegram groups. Students don’t need to go to their physical school libraries to get UNEB past papers as it was before.

This list of top 10 sites that will help you access, view, and even download UNEB past papers online.


List of sites where you can access, view & download UNEB past papers online

UNEB past papers
Exam Uganda

1. Sharebility Uganda

This learning platform has resources for all levels from Primary to University level. The layout is absolutely amazing, giving you a search option to anything you need. It has a reporting system too just in case you experience any hiccups. There are download options to notes, UNEB papers and a lot of learning resources based on your level. Just search, and tap your interest in the search results to start the download.


I found out that some of these papers are not typed but rather scanned. This may not be the fancy look that you might like but they are well scanned.

The main objective of sharebility is to develop a web system that can act as a platform for connecting the various stakeholders and develop a culture of sharing and receiving open digital resources to promote education in Uganda.

2. Digital Teachers Uganda platform

The digital teachers’ site has detailed subject-topic presentations, video content, and a search option to ease your experience. The platform majorly covers science subjects considering all levels from Primary subjects to UACE subjects. This is majorly simplifying your learning journey by addressing key topics.


The neglect of art subjects is an off, and the limited scope of the notes gives it a 4/10 based on my opinion.

3. ReviseNow

ReviseNow is simply about excelling. They amplify the need for burning the midnight oil. All levels here are catered for with revision notes that can only be accessed from the web. I didn’t find any download options. The site is overpopulated with revision notes that are well organized dating back to the years when the IRC was developed (1988). Tapping on the subject of interest displays a list of various revision notes based on the Year.


The inability to download/copy these notes is somewhat disturbing. All the UNEB past papers are accessible online. It makes the website a bit mean but it is what is. Be ready to get a feel of ads too. Some ads will be cool on the sides and others will pop up just to annoy you.


4. Ugfacts Platform

The Ugfacts site is a great landing page for UCE and UACE past papers for revision. The platform gives you a lot of information you might also need about UNEB. Clicking the UNEB category drops down a list of information including UNEB past papers.


The platform has many sponsored links, does not have download options for the content and the papers are not organized. The web user will have to scroll search in order to either find the paper they need or tirelessly fail to. Don’t be the tireless failure, the site could be useful. Try it.

5. Uganda Admissions Platform

The platform offers a wide of services from internships, jobs to being a center that also provides access to UNEB past papers online. Clicking on the UNEB category flashes a list of everything you want to know about the board. Things like the background of UNEB, it’s timetable, Grading system, contact addresses, Past papers based on levels, among others. It’s an all you can’t eat information service.


The organization of these past papers is based on your eye-search. The site does not want lazy people, that is a joke you shouldn’t take seriously as you can’t download these past papers too. Just go ahead and try it out with patience.

UNEB past papers 3
UNEB past papers

6. Exam Uganda

One of my best in terms of design, and back ground imagery. The Exam Uganda platform has a simple design and this intentionally gives you a feel of where are the papers, I want to read. Wait, its more into doing than taking. The platform is more exam-focused with all categories (Primary, O’ level & A ‘level). You can also enroll into their various classes at a fee paid either yearly or termly.


The platform requires you to sign-in/Register in order to do some of these subject exams. The membership hedge doesn’t sound like the usual freebies you are accustomed to.

UNEB past papers
Exam Uganda

7. PassUneb Platform is an e-learning platform dedicated to assisting students to achieve their academic goals by providing free educational material to pass Uganda National Examinations. The platform has Online Self-tests (Questions & Answers), an E-Library (E-books & Video Tutorials), a Virtual Lab (Fun Science Experiments), Career Guidance (Inspirational articles & Testimonials), and many more. The Selftest category gives you 3 subcategories of the levels from Primary to A ‘level, each highlighting the major classes (P7, S4 & S6). The categories have a dropdown of subjects for each level. You can choose your desired subject to start or download the test.


The S6/UACE subjects were missing, and I was told it is a temporary issue. The page needs some bit of life too, as the organization doesn’t come out straight. Though, this shouldn’t blind you to think you can’t get the best of it.

8. Yaaka Cc platform

At Yaaka,  we welcome you to experience the best of digital learning: you can interact (Facebook style) with learners and trainers, create or attend classes online, access academic materials in any subject/ topic at your convenience, or use any of our tabs to access the learning platform and content offline. The platform has very many interactive features, content and FREE UNEB past papers based on your level.


Some papers and notes are sold, so be aware of that.

9. WalkTrack Edu platform

WalkTrack Platform is a straight forward site, bringing all your mock papers and exams to the welcome page. The platform focuses on Mid-term, End of term, UCE & UACE Mock exams, computer resources and practicals. Right-click on the paper you need to download.


The downloaded files are zipped which will require you to unzip them/extraction. The site doesn’t have a clear outline of years and papers, you will need to go through everything to find what you need based on your class level.

WalkTrack Edu Platform

10. TutorView

TutorView is an e-learning platform that shows a bit of wit and focus on uploading content to their site. They have a wide coverage of subjects based on your level (from Nursery/Kindergarten to Tertiary), and the download option is pdf-period. Past papers, Tutorials, Quiz, and discussions are what you get to their site. Feel free to download their app too on Google Play Store.


Schools with e-learning platforms in Uganda

You can also utilize other school sites to compare notes as you prepare for your UNEB exam papers. Below is a list of some of the school e-learning sites. This can be an alternative to your UNEB Past Papers online.


Most of these platforms will expose you to how questions are set and answered. Read, learn, and share what you have learned with others. The stakes are high, and time is not your best ally. You can also access a collection of sites for your younger siblings in elementary school here. Our comment section is open to your suggestions for any other platforms with UNEB Past papers online.