Top 10 E-Commerce Websites In Uganda

Top 10 eCommerce website
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Time and again, you have encountered experiences of laziness and tiredness to go around the city searching for that iPhone or the best fitness tracker and other kitchen appliances to please your wife.

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You’re either caught up with work or you aren’t confident enough to go shopping alone because you’re not aware of the best qualities of the things you would like to purchase, and neither are you willing to walk from one shop to the next inquiring about prices and asking for free lessons on the best features of your intended item.

The growth of the internet and trade in this 21st century has brought with it a unique shopping system that only requires you to lie back in your bed and get free lessons on items you can purchase over the internet from all over the world in just a few clicks.

There are several shopping platforms with simple payment protocols you can always choose from. The payment can be made via VISA or Mastercard, or even Mobile Money for some websites.

Here is the more luxurious part you enjoy when you shop online- the goods you purchase can be shipped to your destination if at all you have issues picking them from the seller’s store. Today, we bring you the top e-commerce or shopping websites in Uganda;


Top 10 E-Commerce websites in Uganda

1. Jumia ( )

Round of applause for Jumia Uganda. Jumia is Uganda’s number one online distributor. It has incorporated several features in its service. The entire shopping experience can be done online with Jumia.

You want to fly to Bali- Indonesia, inquire with Jumia Flights. You can always book a ticket with them. Are you interested in eating your worries or joys away, Jumia Food has got you covered with your favourite and most tasty dishes and cuisines from the best and most admirable food outlets around Uganda.

Do you seek a worthy affordable accommodation for yourself, your family or your guests, Jumia Hotels is here to offer you a home away from home.

You do not want to miss out on the courtesies of Jumia’s trade. You can subscribe to Jumia at any time of the year. Jumia is in love with customers and it has quite a loyal friendship it has prepared to share with anyone who chooses it.

We haven’t even come to half of what Jumia can do for you yet. Are you afraid of hiring quack brokers as you try to get a house for your family while in Uganda, check out Jumia House and you will have the best space to decorate and throw lights all over in the forthcoming festive season.

Jumia Deals has settled for exciting you with the best deals you can check up on while you scroll through your phone, it has signed up for your excitement. Are you searching for a job of your choice? Quit punishing yourself by walking under the angry scorching sun of Mother Africa- yes, the sun can be really angry sometimes.

Get online and check out Jumia Jobs. If you are a trader stuck with your goods or services in your store, it does not take much for you to subscribe to Sell on Jumia. Jumia is here to assist and watch you realise profit and quick sales for your goods. Get your items on the online market with Sell on Jumia and start counting your profits.

2. Kilimall ( )

Come get your watches, dresses, smartphones, electronics and jewellery, even shoes, automotive Digital products, kids’ toys and much more from Kilimall at affordable prices.

Kilimall is Uganda’s recommendable online shopping centre. It offers the best prices on all your choices and serves a big retail customer base that has never stopped growing to this day from the time of its inception in 2016.

For the record, Kilimall Uganda has a great bargaining power for several global supplies, allowing Ugandan customers to buy easily from global markets scattered all over the continent. Get your favourite quality products from Kilimall.

3. Hi2shop ( )

Hi2shop calls upon Ugandans to embrace the online shopping culture it is here to offer. It offers products Online to Offline with its fast free deliveries around the capital city, Kampala.

You can get your best quality phones, electronics and home appliances by scrolling through Hi2shop. Register fast with Hi2shop and enjoy free deliveries and affordable costs on your purchases.

4. 2fumbe ( )

2fumbe, from ‘Tufumbe’ which is a local connotation for ‘Let’s cook’ , is what we are excited about today. Speak of food and there, your thoughts will run themselves out in search of saucepans, plates, eating tools and dish washers.

2fumbe is an online shop that is interested in offering you the best kitchen ware and home appliances with the advantage of a free delivery around Kampala.

Save yourself the trouble of cooking in weak light dishes and saucepans that will get holes in just one cook. Run to the 2fumbe website and catch the best deals on quality kitchen ware.

5. Paple Rayn ( )

Paple Rayn is an online store that has signed to bring fashion to your doorstep. It will ship your kitenge right from Nigeria to your home in Kampala, or your classy Rihanna boots from the United States, as soon as you subscribe to its store and order.

6. Dondolo Shop ( )

Which phone are you looking for? Subcribe to Dondolo for your phones, electronics and computing items. Here is the unique thing about Dondolo Shop; aside from the electronics, it also has your fashion demands in mind, for men, women kids and our lovely grandmothers and fathers… Dondolo has all your fashion extras and electronics in one place.

7. KiKUU Shopping Mall ( )

KiKUU Shopping Mall is your biggest shopping get-away in Uganda. Get your best online selection of clothing, shoes, bags, selfie sticks, watches and jewellery together with your kids’ toys and other beauty aesthetics from KiKUU Shopping Mall online. Install KiKUU app for a better shopping experience.

8. UGUnlocked ( )

This is a fruit shop site that sell fruits around the world. It has the best fruit growers on site bringing with them their best harvest and supplying countywide. UGUnlocked has got your hospital bills cut. Get your vitamins by subscribing to the site.

9. Alibaba ( )

Alibaba offers a wide range of high quality agent products all over the world and in Uganda at wholesale and at affordable costs. From Construction and Real Estate deals to food items and agricultural products, a great deal of domestic products and technical solutions in between.

10. AliExpress ( )

Get the best promotions on clothing, sportswear and electronics on the AliExpress website. AliExpress offers free shipping for all your products and guarantees safe payment and great value in its super deals.