My First day with Tecno Spark 2 – Unbiased Review

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It’s now a few month down the road since tecno unavailed it’s brand new tecno spark 2 replacing Tecno Camon CM, Tecno Camon X and X Pro .

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A lot has been said about this sparkling tecno gadget . However today i have decided to shed some more light on what is wrong and what is good about this tecno smartphone .

Tecno Spark 2 review is part of my unbiased review series that i started a few days ago to help Ugandans find the right products with the right information .

This series of reviews will run on a number of technology consumer products and services in Uganda .

About the reviewer

I am a computer science student with passion in programming , gadgets and all technology trends . In this series of unbiased reviews i love sharing my realistic mind on a couple of technology products used by Ugandans . You can subscribe to ugtechmag mailing list or bookmark this page to follow up the latest reviews and buyers guides on Ugandan technology consumer products .

Tecno Spark 2 unbiased review .

Tecno produces a new device every week ” . If you’re part of those few technology maniacs around kampala , you mighty have heard of that phrase somewhere somehow .

Perhaps this makes sense ! Tecno is one of those few brands in Uganda that is producing at least 4 brand new devices every year and on back to back basis .

This is hard to do and at the same time maintain quality. However what matters to the end consumer such as me and you is whether these gadgets are in line with what we want .

Tecno Spark 2 was made available on Uganda market in May 2018 and replaced a number of tecno phones such as Tecno Camon CM, Tecno Camon X and X Pro which were launched earlier this same year .

I recently bought a tecno Spark 2 and  felt like sharing my first day experience about the gadget .

Of Course there are a lot of interesting features about this gadget and more annoying ones too .

In this tecno spark 2 review , i have basically shared my first day experience . The bad and good side . If you have something on contrary or an opinion , feel free to share it in the comment section below .

My First day tecno Spark 2 story .

I bought this fancy gadget at a round figure of UGX.435k from a local chinese sellers along kampala road a few days ago .

I was so excited to give this nice looking gadget a shot . Of course after handing in my dime , the attendant made me a receipt .

I had to take the phone with me to campus and give a look at some of the most awaited features by tecno lovers .

These are some of the features that struck me on first sight .

Tecno Spark 2 Screen Size .

tecno spark 2 display review

Tecno spark 2 has got a wide bezel less screen with 8MP front camera that has a dual mix LED flash 2.0 .

First i didn’t appreciate such a huge screen size . I am not a big fun of huge screens . By huge i mean 6-inch screen size . The smartphone can hardly fit in my pockets .

I thinks tecno should consider making the screen sizes of their smartphones slightly smaller to fit the hand held category . That is absolutely my opinion . No offense .

Besides that i loved the bezel less feel , smooth touch of the screen and general appearance of the top .

I would rate the general screen size and appearance with 3.5 star .

Tecno Spark 2 Thickness

tecno spark 2 thickness review

I absolutely loved the tecno spark 2 thickness . The smartphone is 7.5mm thick , light and sturdy built to fit in our palms .

However my only worry about it’s thickness was how strong would the gadget be in case it fell down or any other accident .

Since i didn’t try breaking mine , i can’t really give a final verdict on this .

I would rate the overall thickness and make of tecno spark 2 with a 4.5 star .

Tecno Spark 2 Display

tecno spark 2 display review

The tecno spark 2 display was absolutely fine with me . Their is a lot you can do with it’s display .

Since am person with sight issues , the tecno spark 2 allows me to change display light to eye care mode which is amazing .

I can’t forget to point out that you can adjust display brightness depending on your need .

According to the manual specifications , the 16 inch gadget has got 1440 x 720 pixels which supports up to 16M colors . This means you can have a clear view of content in both light and dark situations.

I would rate tecno spark 2 display with 4.5 star .

Tecno Spark 2 Performance and Battery

tecno spark 2 performance and battery review

When it comes to performance and battery lifespan , am always too curious about whether the battery life is long lasting .

For a while tecno smartphones have been known  to have long lasting battery life span .

When i was buying this tecno spark 2 , my vendors told me the smartphone has got a stunning 3 day battery life span .

I think i would have to agree with them since i have so far used only 1% after 8 hours of purchasing the gadget while using both whatsapp and facebook .

According to tecno spark 2 manual specs , the device has got a 3,500mAh non-removable battery .

I would rate tecno spark 2 battery and performance with a 4.5 star .

Tecno Spark 2 Storage

tecno spark 2 storage review

The storage specs are convenient for an average consumer . The smartphone has got 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM  both supporting an expandable storage with a microSD card of up to 128GB

I won’t go too much into storage specs but i would rate the overall Storage capacity with 4.0 star .

Tecno Spark 2 Cameras

tecno spark 2 camera review

When it comes to any new smartphone on market , most people are eager and waiting to know how the camera of such device weighs up.

I think i was also i eager to test this out . To be frank the tecno spark 2 camera is absolutely gorgeous . It’s image is of a high quality and i can hardly imagine who their closest competitor is .

The front and rear cameras come with 8MP and 13MP sensors respectively .

The cameras have the ability to filter light more especially during day and night times . However the images at most points looked to be saturated . I think Tecno should work on this to give a far better image quality in the future .

I would rate the overall camera quality with 4.0 star .

Other features Tecno Spark 2

Sim Card and Memory Card slot

The tecno spark 2 allows you to insert 2 sim cards and one tf memory card . However opening the sim card slot was one of my terrible experiences with the gadget .

The smartphone comes with a tiny pin that can be used to open the sim card slot from the sides . I tried opening this slot for about an hour until i was successful.

To  my surprise i had to go back to town so that i could have my sim cards trimmed to fit the required size of the sim card slots .This was a very tiresome experience .

FaceID and FingerPrint security settings .

tecno spark 2 fingerprint and faceID review

The smartphone allows you to set up a faceID and fingerprint security settings which can be used for unlocking your smartphone .

What i loved about the fingerprint feature is you can use the same feature to take selfies without touching your screen or pressing the down volume key.

Eye Care

tecno spark 2 Eye care review

If you’re someone with light problems , the eye care feature allows you to adjust the screen light to a considerable level . This is one of my favorite features in tecno spark 2 .

Availability, Price, and Color

Tecno Spark 2 comes in a variety of colors and can be obtained from any tecno outlets in the country at flat fee of UGX.435k .

Tecno Spark 2 full Specs

  • Name : Spark 2
  • Model : KA7
  • Operating System : Android 8.1 ( Go edition )
  • Processor : 1.3GHZ Quad-Core
  • Network : GSM/WCDMA
  • Dimension : 159.4 x 76.2 x 7.8mm
  • Display : 6″ HD+ Full display
  • Resolution : 1440 x 720
  • Camera : 13MP Rear Camera with Ring flash , 8MP Front Camera with Dual Flash and screen flash
  • Memory : 16GB ROM + 1GB RAM
  • Connectivity : GPS , WiFi , BT
  • Sensor : G-sensor , Ambient Light Sensor , Proximity sensor , Fingerprint sensor
  • Battery Capacity : 3500mAh

Tecno Spark 2 PROS & CONS

Pros :

  • Comes with 12 month warranty
  • Good battery life span
  • Affordable
  • Good sound quality

Cons :

  • Camera images are saturated
  • Huge Screen size

Final verdict

If you’re running on a limited budget but still need a fancy gadget , Tecno spark 2 should be one of those smartphones on your list .

The smartphone has more than enough features for a gadget of such a price . Meanwhile let me still enjoy this amazing gadget and i will update you on any developments .

Buyers Guide Tecno Spark 2 .

If you’re planning to buy a tecno spark 2 here in Uganda , be aware of these four things :-

Tecno spark 2 costs around 430K and comes with a charger , earphones and T-square pin for opening the sim card slot .

Make sure that you buy a screen guard on first purchase to maintain the overall safety of your spark 2 screen .

If possible , make sure that you leave your vendors after setting up and installing sim card slots . You may need to trim your sim cards to fit in the required sim card slots of tecno spark 2 . Doing this from your tecno outlet will save you from wasting time and money .

Lastly try using the plastic cover that comes with the smartphone to protect it from unnecessary damage in case of accidents .