Tecno Spark 2 Problems & How To Fix Them

Tecno Spark 2 Problems
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Tecno Spark 2 is one of those latest smartphones by Tecno Mobile. With its awesome and superfine features, the smartphone has set a pace for many other mobile companies in the market. Spark is sparkling everyone using it, and with all the added security systems and AI, it’s still hard to know which Tecno phone will be the next big thing in the coming few months.

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However, on the other side of the story, many spark users have witnessed with experience several vague and annoying issues in this smartphone. There’s a lot of Tecno Spark 2 problems, and as a technology consumer website, we have tried to critically examine each problem and help you fix these issues for better user experience.


A list of confirmed Tecno Spark 2 issues.

  1. WI-FI issues
  2. Unfortunately camera has stopped working
  3. Unfortunately YouTube has stopped
  4. Sim issues
  5. Bluetooth connection failure
  6. Among others.

What to do about these problems

WI-FI issues

  • Go to Settings, and press the connection option
  • Select WI-FI, and your Phone will start scanning for available wireless networks and list them
  • Long press on the wireless network you want to connect to and select Forget Network.
  • Next, click on the same wireless netwok, fill in the authentications and continue, it will connect.

Camera suddeny stopping

  • Try to tighten any screws that might have loosened
  • If that does not work, try and change your camera modules, you can buy modules online or from any Tecno mobile shop.
  • At the worst extent, you will need to factory reset your phone and see if the camera issue will be clarified.

YouTube suddenly stopping.

  • First reboot your spark phone
  • When its back on, go to settings
  • Select the Apps option and click on all program
  • Select YouTube and click to Re-Enable the application
  • If the problem persists, uninstall and re-install the app.

Sim card issues

  • Check if the sim card works in another phone
  • Open and check the sim card tray if its not damaged
  • If the sim card is old try and replace it with a new one.
  • If the problem persists hand the phone to a professional technician.

Bluetooth connection failure

  • Restart your Tecno spark 2
  • Clear Bluetooth cache and forget all paired devices
  • Reboot the phone and see if your device Bluetooth works, if it does not, then try to install a new Bluetooth application.