Best 5 Tech Podcasts that Every Technophile Should Listen to

Best 5 Tech Podcasts that every Technophile Should listen
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The tech revolution is here. Here to stay and going nowhere. It has been on for a couple of decades and there are no signs of stopping anytime. Now you might be interested in getting a piece of the cake, but you are limited in knowledge. You might want in on the crypto trade, or how to start a tech blog, it could be anything. Tech podcasts are just what you need. They are a source of vast knowledge and great content.

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Tech podcasts are useful for several things. You could be thinking of starting a tech-related business, YouTube channel, or anything along that line, and you want to see how the competition does it. Doesn’t matter what it is, there’s always something to get and discover from tech podcasts.

Listed below are some of the best tech podcasts you can check out. All the listed Podcast channels can be searched for on any Podcast platform.

In Machines We Trust

Best 5 Tech Podcasts that every Technophile Should  listen

This podcast about the automation of everything was launched in August 2020 and has since appeared on charts in over 70 countries, reached the top of Tech Charts, and has also secured a spot in Apple’s top rankings. “In Machines We Trust Podcast” has over 93.1k subscribers on Youtube alone and amasses over 1000 listens per episode.

Hosted by Jennifer Strong and the team at MIT Technology Review, they look at what it means to adopt the idea of artificial intelligence with our most sensitive decisions. The team at MIT Tech reviews and greatly focuses on the future incorporation of AI in everyday life together with the possible pros and cons of trusting it all with machines. It also dives into other topics like software, biometrics, and much more.

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The BetaKit Podcast Channel

Best 5 Tech Podcasts that every Technophile Should  listen

This podcast is hosted by Douglas Soltys and Rob Kenedi. If you are familiar with the Betakit blog, you ought to check their podcast channel out. The main topics on this podcast range from Canadian Tech and innovations coupled with reviews and previews of tech releases from a Canadian perspective. They upload episodes weekly and have up to 249 episodes. The podcast involves in-depth discussions on a variety of topics ranging from the biotech sector to the blockchain.

Spark by Nora Young

Best 5 Tech Podcasts that every Technophile Should  listen

Spark is hosted by Canadian writer and broadcaster, Nora Young. It was launched in 2007 on CBC Radio One by Young and her team which included Elizabeth Bowie, Tom Howell, and Dan Misener. It started out as a radio show that focused on the way technology affects our lives and the world around us. It was later broadcast as a podcast together with The Sniffer, a podcast hosted by Nora Young and Cathi Bond that focuses on technology trends and airs five-minute segments two times a week.

Spark by Nora Young is your go-to podcast guide when looking to navigate the world of screens and keyboards and stay on top of the latest innovations. It involves topics like biometric surveillance, material scarcity, and the democratization of data.

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Accidental Tech Podcast

With over 75000 downloads per released episode, if you are looking for more light in the world of tech you need to check this podcast hosted by Marco Arment, Casey Liss (35000 followers), and John Siracusa (85000 followers) out. It was launched in February 2013 and has aired over 496 episodes to date.

It mainly focuses on Apple Products and is the equivalent of a nerdy conversation you would have with your friends about recent tech developments. Topics discussed include apple products, phishing scams, and e-readers.

How I Built this

This is another popular podcast hosted by Guy Raz and it explores the inner workings and stories of some of the tech giants and companies in the world. These include Dropbox and Cisco Systems among others. The podcast has a total of 441 episodes and collects up to 19.2 million downloads monthly.

The Tech Talks Daily Podcast

This is a research-based podcast that focuses on how tech is transforming industries worldwide. It also equips listeners with knowledge on how to take advantage of the latest tech releases and overcome challenges faced by users. Tune in for conversations about navigating the tech world as well as tricks and trends.

Other popular podcasts you need to check out include Reply All, Thoughtworks Technology Podcast, and B2B Tech Talk with Ingram Micro.

I hope you find this article useful. Comment below with the tech podcasts that you find interesting and informative.