How to sync sticky notes to your devices (Android and iPhone)

Sync sticky notes to your devices -
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Did you know that you can now sync sticky notes to all your devices?

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Sticky notes have been here since the 19’s, a very handy option for laptop users to quickly note down ideas and any brief notes in case a thought pops up while they are facing their computers. These sticky notes have always been available on PC’s, they replaced the paper stickies.

It wasn’t until May 2019 with windows 10, that Sticky Notes can now be configured to synchronize your notes across all your devices automatically. Isn’t that awesome?

Currently, there are multiple ways with which you can sync sticky notes to your devices, for both android and iPhone.


How to sync sticky notes on all your devices

To be able to sync sticky notes on your devices, you should first sync your sticky notes app to your Microsoft email account. This will help you save your notes to the cloud, via your Microsoft e-mail account.

The Sticky notes app can be found on any Windows PCs. It can also be found in the Microsoft OneNote app for apple users, as you will see in the steps below.

NOTE: In case you do not have a Microsoft account yet, create one via this link.

After you have created your Microsoft account, open your sticky notes app on your Windows PC. The Sticky notes app should be version 3.0 or higher, so make sure to update it.

Get started with syncing your Sticky notes app

  • Click on the Settings icon on the top right of your Sticky notes app
  • On the next interface, click on the Sign In button
  • This will redirect you to where you can sign in to your Microsoft e-mail account

After this, you will have synced your notes to your e-mail.

NOTE: My notes are empty in the first screenshot because I had signed out. In case you have written notes already, all you need to do is Sign in your Microsoft account and You will have uploaded your notes to the cloud thus able to sync them on multiple devices.

Now that your notes are synced, you can access them.

How to sync sticky notes on your Android phone

There are two ways with which you can sync sticky notes to your Android devices

  1. You can access sticky notes with Microsoft Account Launcher
  2. You can access sticky notes with the Microsoft OneNote app

Access sticky notes with the Microsoft Launcher app

Microsoft created a launcher that enables you to access your sticky notes on your mobile phone. Here is what you need to know about the Microsoft launcher.

Microsoft Launcher is an app launcher developed by Microsoft for the Android mobile platforms for fast and efficient simplification of the Android user experience.

With this Microsoft launcher app, there is a seamless experience between your P.C and your phone. However, to do this sync and access sticky notes, you have to give the launcher access to your phone.

  • You can download the Microsoft launcher app from the Google Play Store here.
  • After accessing the Microsoft launcher app, sign in to your Microsoft account
  • The app will give you a widget interface like this below (when you slide to the extreme left), scroll down, and click on “Edit this view
  • You will then be able to add the “Sticky notes” widget as shown below
  • After ticking, the Sticky Notes widget will be added to your interface.
  • You can thereafter pin Sticky Notes to its own new widget page on the Microsoft launcher app.

With the sticky notes app widget on your phone, you will now be able to see all your new notes as they sync from your PC to your phone.

NOTE: The only disadvantage with this home screen Sticky Notes app widget is that you are unable to search for a specific note. In case you want to search for a keyword so as to access a particular note from your sticky notes, it is impossible.

This is why I have provided you with another option, the Microsoft OneNote app.

I hope Windows works on updating this with a Search option.

Sync sticky notes with Microsoft OneNote

The Microsoft OneNote app is another option with which you can access your sticky notes app. With this, you can sync sticky notes to your devices.

You can download the Microsoft OneNote app from the Google Play Store.

This app has another option for writing your notes in Notebooks and also Sticky Notes.

NOTE: You will need a Microsoft account for this option as well, so don’t forget to open up a Microsoft e-mail account.

  • Sign in to your Microsoft e-mail account.
  • Follow the prompts that follow.
  • After this, you will be able to access your sticky notes
  • Now that you are signed in to your Microsoft OneNote app, you will have access to another notes option called Notebooks.
  • Click on the three dots on the top right corner of your OneNote app, and sync both your Notebooks and Sticky notes on one click
  • You can also feel free to play around with the settings and change the sync options as shown below.
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As you can see above, there is a search option, which solves the problem of the launcher app.

Other Options: Sync sticky notes to your devices

Sync Sticky notes on Android with Microsoft Outlook app

I tried to access Sticky notes on my Microsoft Outlook app on my Android phone, but unfortunately, I didn’t see that option. (As you can see below)

sync sticky notes to android phone with Microsoft Outlook- ugtechmag.com1

The app is quite heavy (76Mbs) and there are no Sticky notes available. In my opinion, I really wouldn’t recommend downloading it, being that there is no other reason for downloading it other than accessing e-mails.

I hope that in later versions, they will an option to sync sticky notes to your devices via the Microsoft Outlook app on android.

It is surprising, however, that when I logged into my Microsoft Outlook account on my Gmail app, I was able to access the notes from there.

The only disadvantage with accessing Sticky notes this way (with Gmail app) is that you cannot edit them. You can only forward them.

Access Sticky notes with Microsoft Outlook on the web app

It is quite surprising that the Microsoft outlook phone application doesn’t have Sticky notes, however, the Microsoft Outlook web version has sticky notes.

This another way with which you can sync sticky notes to your devices.

All you have to do is:

  • Log into your Microsoft outlook email on the web, on any PC or MacBook
  • Scroll down to the option of notes
  • You will be able to view all your notes from any synchronized device

Here is a slide show to guide you on how to sync sticky notes to your devices with the Microsoft Outlook email.

Just like sticky notes via the Gmail app, you are not able to edit the sticky notes synched using the Microsoft Outlook e-mail.

How to sync sticky notes on your iPhone device

Finally, Apple users can as well access their sticky notes on their iPhone devices (iPhones or iPads).

Sync sticky notes between iPhone and PC

Apple laptops do not have the Sticky notes app (They have an app called Stickies). However, if you have a PC or Android phone and want to sync your sticky notes from there to your Apple devices, this is the option you are looking for.

Even when you have no windows PC (loyal to the Apple brand), and want you to use sticky notes, it is very possible. Here is how to sync sticky notes on your devices, all options available for Apple products devices.

There are 2 options via which you can access Sticky notes on iOS.

  1. The Microsoft OneNote app
  2. The Microsoft Outlook app

Access and Sync Sticky notes on Apple devices with Microsoft OneNote

The Microsoft OneNote app is now available for Apple users, and just as it is in Android, you can access your sticky notes from there as well.

Feel free to download the OneNote app from Apple’s App Store.

Access Sticky notes on Apple devices with Microsoft Outlook app

With the Outlook app from the Apple Store, you may not be able to sync notes to your iOS device. This was the same case with the Android Microsoft Outlook app as we noticed in the upper options.

Outlook mobile is a lean app and there’s no space. OneNote is the mobile app for Outlook/Sticky Notes.” – Laura Butler, ex Microsoft VP stated in a tweet
Tweet by Laura Butler, ex Microsoft VP

However, try accessing sticky notes via your Microsoft outlook e-mail signed into the Gmail app on your iPhone.

Since this option is available for Android, it should be the same for iOS devices.


Sticky notes were natively for windows computers. But now, by just signing up for a Microsoft account, anyone can have them.

This means that you even don’t need a Windows PC to use Sticky notes. With apps like Microsoft’s OneNote (for both Apple and Android) and Microsoft Launcher app (currently for Android), you can use your sticky notes.

The fun part is now that now, even though your PC crashes or your phone gets lost, they can be synced to your other devices because they are on the cloud.

So, you no longer have to worry, you can sync sticky notes to your devices.