Stream on Twitch with your computer (4 easy steps)

Stream on Twitch with your computer -
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Did you know you can stream on twitch with your computer and broadcast your gameplay to the whole world? Twitch is the most popular game streaming platform that allows you to broadcast your game over the internet while letting you to interact with your audience freely. You can stream on twitch with your computer, Xbox one or PlayStation 4.

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Your audience then can access all this on any device such as desktop computers, game consoles, smart phones, or even tablets. Note that, if you’re using your PC to stream on twitch, you will need to install a few additional software to enable you broadcast your gameplay. We shall handle everything you need to know here.

What is Twitch? is a video-game broadcasting and viewing platform where viewers can “donate” to their favorite players., referred to as simply twitch, was acquired by Amazon in 2014. Video game players broadcast themselves playing the game, usually with an audio commentary.

Creator of Twitch

Justin Kan is the founder of Twitch. After the site being acquired by Amazon for $970 million in August, the site grew from humble beginnings to dominate the online-game-streaming industry.

Parent company

Amazon is behind this live streaming video platform and community for gamers. It was first launched in 2014 and currently boasts 3.9 million monthly unique streamers and 1.274 million average concurrent streamers.

Twitch Subscription fees

Twitch added new subscription tiers for fans to support streamers. These are priced at $9.99 and $24.99 monthly subscriptions, in addition to the existing $4.99 a month tier. The new offerings are primarily designed to allow fans to support their favorite streamers on higher levels.

Stream on twitch with your computer in 4 simple steps -

Getting started with Twitch

If you are a gamer, this is for you. Below are steps you need to go through in order to get started with Twitch. Broadcast your gameplay to your viewers.

Step #1: Create an account

The first thing to do is setting up your free streaming account in these simple short steps.

  • Visit and click on the signup link which is on the too right corner of the menu bar.
  • Fill in the forms to provide all the details Twitch requires. This includes a username your that will be displayed to your viewers.
  • You can as well sign up with Facebook

Step #2: Acquire broadcasting software

Since you will be streaming via your computer, you will need to install any broadcasting software to enable your broadcast your gameplay with Twitch. There are so many broadcasting software for you to choose from; for example Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

Step #3: Launch OBS after installations

The automatic configuration wizard will get displayed with the steps to go through. Use these steps to specify what you want to use OBS for (Streaming in this case)

  • Set the resolution of your gameplay stream. (This depends on what your internet connection can handle.)
  • After that, in the next window select Twitch as your streaming service. For the stream key, click link and your Twitch dashboard shall be displayed.
  • You can get your stream key at the top. Just copy and paste it into the stream key text box and proceed.
  • This is what you need to do to connect OBS to your Twitch account.

Step #4: Add a game

Now that you are done with creating an account and setting up OBS for streaming, it’s time to add a game for broadcasting. Below are the steps to do this.

  • Press Alt + Tab on the keyboard.
  • Click the addition sign (+) under ‘Sources and select ‘Game Capture’ give it a name and then confirm with Ok.
  • Your game should be in preview ready for broadcasting.
  • You can add a webcam through which you can add footage.
  • You can then start broadcasting your gameplay.

We hope your all set to stream on twitch. Enjoy your streaming experience.

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