How to Stop Promotional Messages Safaricom

Stop Promotional Messages Safaricom
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Safaricom and other companies use Safaricom subscribers as a target audience for marketing their products. That’s why they send them daily continuous promotional messages. These messages are nagging and consume space on your phone. The good thing is you can choose to stop receiving promotional messages. How? This article elaborates steps on how to stop promotional messages Safaricom.

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  • Launch the phone app.
  • Dial *456# and press the call button.
  • Respond with 9, STOP.
  • Then enter 5 for MARKETING MESSAGES.
  • Enter the sender name you wish to stop.
Here is how to stop Promotional Messages Safaricom

Alternatively, you can dial *456*9*5*1# then enter the name to stop promotional messages Safaricom.

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