Sprint UG Internet Plans, Subscription Prices & Coverage

Sprint UG Internet Plans, Subscription Prices & Coverage-ugtechmag.com
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Sprint UG is an emerging internet service provider that has recently entered the market in Uganda. Catering to the growing demand for reliable connectivity, Sprint UG offers a range of internet services that utilize cutting-edge fiber and microwave technologies. Therefore if you are looking for dedicated internet plans in Uganda? Sprint UG has you covered. Discover a wide range of subscription options tailored to your needs, from affordable packages to high-speed plans. With extensive coverage and competitive prices, Sprint UG ensures you stay connected with fast and reliable internet access. Explore their internet plans today and experience seamless browsing, streaming, and online activities throughout Uganda.

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Sprint UG Installation Prices

The installation fees for Sprint UG vary based on the package you have chosen. Sprint UG offers two packages: Fiber to Home and Microwave/Wireless. For the Fiber to Home package, the installation price is UGX 150,000, which includes the cost of the router, survey, and the actual setup of the equipment. On the other hand, the installation fee for the Microwave package is UGX 300,000, encompassing the same services.

Quick Note: When you opt for the Fiber to Home package and pay for a 3-month subscription in advance on the desired plan, you will be eligible for free installation and 1 extra month of subscription.

Sprint UG Internet Plans and their Prices

Every Sprint UG package offers a range of plans with no data caps, unique prices, and a dedicated bandwidth pipe. Here is a breakdown of each plan along with the corresponding monthly payment amounts.

Fiber to the Home Package

As its name suggests, the Fiber to the Home package utilizes Fiber cable to deliver internet connectivity to subscribers. This package provides two plan options, which vary in terms of dedicated bandwidth and price. Notably, there are no data caps imposed on this package. However, it is essential to note that this option is exclusively available in our Fiber Ready Areas. The available plans cater to the needs of work-from-home enthusiasts, individuals, households, and gamers alike, making them highly suitable for a variety of users. These are the plans under the Fiber to the Home package;

  • Sprint FTTH Ultra– 10 Mbps – UGX 165,000.
  • Sprint FTTH Supreme – 20 Mbps – UGX 220,000.

Microwave/Wireless Package

Microwave technology uses radio waves to transmit data wirelessly over short distances, enabling high-speed communication and connectivity without needing physical cables. Just like the Fiber to the Home package, this package also offers unlimited data usage and a dedicated bandwidth pipe. It provides a choice of three different plans to suit your needs.

  • Sprint Ultra – 6 Mbps – UGX 165,000.
  • Sprint Supreme – 10 Mbps – UGX 220,000.
  • Sprint Supreme Plus – 15 Mbps – UGX 299,000.
Sprint UG PackagePlanInstallation Fees (UGX)SpeedPrice (UGX)
Fiber to Home PackageSprint FTTH Ultra150,000Up to 10 Mbps165,000
Sprint FTTH Supreme150,000Up to 20 Mbps220,000
Microwave/WirelessSprint Ultra300,0006 Mbps165,000
Sprint Supreme300,00010 Mbps220,000
Sprint Supreme Plus300,00015 Mbps299,000

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Sprint Ug Fiber Areas of Coverage

  • Kira
  • Kungu
  • Buwate.
  • Bulindo.
  • Kyanja.
  • Mirembe Villas.
  • Lubowa.
  • Kitende.
  • Lweza.
  • Seguku.
  • Akright.
  • Nalumunye.
  • Munyonyo.

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Sprint UG Customer Care Contact

If you’re seeking to establish a connection or gather more information about Sprint UG services, reaching out to their Customer Care agents is the most recommended course of action. There are several channels available for you to contact Sprint UG’s customer agents, ensuring convenient and accessible communication.

Visit Main Office: Plot 7, Bandali Rise, Redstone House, 5th Floor, Bugolobi, Kampala (U)

Call: +256 205 300 300 / +256 205 300 301

WhatsApp: +256 740 019019.

Email: [email protected] / [email protected].