Shazam Alternatives: Don’t be left in the dark about the song playing

Shazam alternatives
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There are many different free and paid music-recognition apps and services available today, but Shazam remains the most popular in the market. However, if you find yourself needing to know more than just the song name or artist you’re listening to, consider one of these three Shazam alternatives below.

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Shazam Alternatives: Don't be left in the dark about the song

After you’ve heard a song for free on services like iTunes, why spend money to Shazam it? If all you want is to identify a tune, SoundHound works pretty well. SoundHound is great at identifying popular songs, but has some trouble with lesser-known artists or when lyrics get involved.

It also pulls lyrics and album art into your search results without asking permission, so if you don’t want to see it, get used to ignoring tabs. Still, most people looking for an alternative to Shazam will find SoundHound handy and worth using on occasion. The service costs $4 per month if you opt for its ad-free experience with unlimited tagging and lyric lookups and that makes sense if you listen to music often.

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Shazam Alternatives: Don't be left in the dark about the song

Instead of only showing you who sings a song, Mousai displays lyrics and album artwork with your favorite artists. While you can still ask What’s This Song if you can’t remember their name, Mousai is all about helping you find new music. You’ll also be able to choose from any of your playlists if you’re looking for something specific. Playing allows you to see what song is currently playing on whatever app or device has audio going.

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Deezer SongCatcher

Shazam Alternatives: Don't be left in the dark about the song

This browser extension connects seamlessly with Deezer and will recognize any music it hears from your computer automatically flagging all tracks for easy access later. As soon as you install it, SongCatcher starts up immediately. You don’t have to do anything else; just start listening to music through Deezer and let SongCatcher do its thing.

It even works when you play videos on YouTube or other websites that contain audio! Once recognized, each track will appear in your My Tracks list within Deezer, ready for downloading or sharing with friends.

Conclusion: If you do end up going with one of these alternatives, you won’t be disappointed by their ability to pull up relevant search results, so check them out!