How To Share a YouTube Video to Your WhatsApp Status

How To Share a YouTube Video to Your WhatsApp
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There are times you watch either a funny video, comic, or other kinds of videos on YouTube and you wish to share them with your WhatsApp friends over your status in a single click. Here is how you can share a YouTube Video to your WhatsApp status.

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To start, open the YouTube application on your phone and select the video you would love to share over your WhatsApp status. Here, there are two ways to share this video over WhatsApp. Either by sharing the link or by sharing a direct video.

Use the Link to Share a YouTube Video to Your WhatsApp Status

  • If you want to share a link, tap on the share icon, just below the video that you have selected.
  • Choose WhatsApp from the listed options. This will take you to WhatsApp.
  • Select My Status then tap Next.
  • On the next page, add text that you prefer to the link and then click Send.
How To Share a YouTube Video to Your WhatsApp

Anyone who clicks the link will be redirected to their device browser YouTube application or YouTube app and they will watch the video on their phones without having to download it.

However, this method saves both you and your viewers the stress of downloading the video first before sending and viewing it, respectively. It’s precise and concise.

Share a YouTube Video Directly to WhatsApp Status

The next method however will require you to download the video from YouTube first before sharing it to your WhatsApp status. Note that it’s not so easy to download a YouTube video to a novice. You will follow the following steps to download a video from YouTube to your device.

Download the add-on and save the plug-ins to your device browsing software. It shall display the YouTube video of your choice, alongside the video in the right-hand lower corner. Press it and wait until your video downloads.

Sharing YouTube links on WhatsApp status is popular nowadays. It is possible with both your iOS and Android devices. You can also share these links with stylish fonts available with the latest versions of WhatsApp Messenger.

Alternatively, copy the YouTube video link to the clipboard of your device, go to your desired web browsing application, open new windows search for, click it to load and paste the video link in the typing space then click download. Your video will be downloaded at once.

All videos that are downloaded from YouTube shall automatically be saved in your device’s gallery folder. Assuming your video is ready now, go to your gallery and open it, trace the video you have just downloaded, and then long press on it such that a toggle will appear.

Choose share and several applications shall be listed for this sharing operation. Look for WhatsApp and click OK, you will automatically be redirected to open WhatsApp, and at the upper front, select my status and click send. Your video will load and after it will be posted on your WhatsApp status at once. It works well; I have used this method to share many YouTube videos this year.

There are so many tools one can use to download WhatsApp videos for free and faster. Below is a list of these free to get the software, you may download the latest versions on the official pages as will be listed.

  • Tube Catcher.
  • Free-make Video Downloader.
  • Keepvid.
  • Easy YouTube Video Downloader.
  • 4K Player.
  • Free Studio DVDVideoSoft.
  • Free YouTube downloader
  • Winx you-tube down-loader
  • Any video converter free
  • Iskysoft video down-loader
  • Fastest Tube.