How to Share Data on Uganda Telecom

Share Data on Uganda Telecom
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Just like Airtel has Tugabane, Uganda Telecom has Share Data. Share Data Internet enables customers to transfer internet data bundles from one mobile number to another. Subscribers can share data between 10 MBS to 1000 MBS daily. Here is how you can share data on Uganda Telecom.

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Share Data on Uganda Telecom

1. Launch the phone app on your device.

2. Dial *100*4# and press the OK/Send button.

3. Select the Share Internet option from the displayed menu.

4. Enter the recipient’s number.

5. Then enter the number of MBS (10-1000) that you would like to share.

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UTL Share Data Guidelines

1. Unlike the promotional bundles, other internet bundles like daily, weekly, and monthly data bundles can be shared.

2. The subscriber can share data between 10 MBS to 1 GB (1000 MBS). The maximum that you are allowed to share in a day is 1000 MB (1 GB).

3. You can not share all the data you have on your line. The subscriber should remain with a minimum of 10MBS.

4. The expiry date of the bundles present on the sender number will be compared to the expiry date for the bundles present on the receiving number then the longest expiry date will automatically be picked.

5. Ensure that data is shared with the correct number. Reversal of Share Data internet is NOT possible. The customer should confirm the mobile number before completing the request.

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