Send and receive mobile money for free with Chipper Cash

mobile money networks in Africa
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Mobile money is one of the biggest and fastest-growing platforms for the transfer of money among various mobile network users. Mobile money was first introduced in Kenya in 2007 as M-Pesa by Vodafone.

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The platform showed massive growth with over 17 million users by the end of 2011.

What mobile money does is allow subscribers to a particular network provider to deposit money on their sim accounts which they can then send to other users majorly using an SMS-based system.

Network operators charge an amount on every mobile money transaction. This appears to be a small charge at first but when summed with all transactions that you do, it is considerably non-negligible.

This brings us to Chipper Cash.

What is Chipper Cash?

They define their platform as “The largest mobile cross-border money transfer platform in Africa”.

Chipper Cash is a mobile application that eliminates the charges incurred when using the usual USSD codes to send mobile money from one user to another and it does this without country border restrictions.

The company was launched in October 2018 with two co-founders which included Ham Sserunjogi a Ugandan and Maijid Moujaled a Ghanian whom he first met at University in the United States.

Chipper is currently operating in six African countries which include Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Ghana of course. And it’s expanding to more countries on the continent.

Who can use Chipper Cash?

Chipper Cash is a mobile application, therefore before anything else, you need a smartphone in order to access the application from either Google Play Store for Android or Apple Store for iPhone.

If you don’t own a smartphone yet then you can get yourself one of the affordable ones.

As I mentioned earlier, Chipper Cash is currently operating in six Africa countries and as long as you’re in one of them, nothing can stop you from using the application

Chipper Cash uses money from your mobile money account and therefore in order to carry out any transaction, you’ll need a mobile money account provided by your respective network provider.

How to send mobile money for free with Chipper Cash

Step 1 : Download the Chipper Cash application

The first step is to download the Chipper Cash application from either the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

From the Play Store search for “Chipper Cash” and install the application and install it.

Step 2: Sign up for an account

You can sign up for an account by either using a phone number or an email address.

For phone number sign up, select your country and then enter the phone in the provided field. Make sure you have the phone right with you because the verification code will be sent to authenticate the account.

sign up screen

When sign-up is complete, the application will open to a homepage.

By the time this article is written, all new Chipper Cash accounts in Uganda are credited with UGX 100 and you can use it to test the service.

Step 3: Link mobile money account

Next, let’s link the Chipper Cash account to the mobile money account to be used for either withdrawing or depositing.

Use the bottom navigation menu and move to the Profile tab.

Scroll down to the Linked Accounts section and click on it. If you signed up with a phone number registered on mobile money then you’ll see the account already linked here.

linking mobile money accounts

On this screen, you can add multiple mobile money accounts as you want.

Step 4: Add cash to your Chipper Cash Wallet

A wallet is where your Chipper Cash money is stored before it is either sent or withdrawn.

You can only send money with Chipper Cash after adding it to your wallet first.

To add cash to your Chipper Cash wallet, navigate to the Profile tab and scroll down to the Add Cash section and click on it.

Enter the amount of money that you would like to send, and then click on the phone number displayed to choose which mobile money account to use for the transaction.

add cash screen

After selecting the mobile money account, click Add Cash.

A confirmation dialog will be displayed with a prompt to confirm the transaction by providing your mobile money pin.

The added cash will be reflected in a few seconds and then you’ll be ready to send money to another person.

Use the bottom navigation menu and select Send Money, and it’s from here that you can select a contact that you want to send money to.

Note: The recipient will receive the money on their Chipper Cash account which they will then be able to transfer to their mobile money account. You don’t have to worry if the recipient doesn’t have a Chipper Cash account yet. An invitation link will be sent to them leading them to the download the page of the app and as soon after they open an account, their money will be reflected on the Chipper Cash balance.

How to withdraw money from Chipper Cash

To withdraw money from your Chipper Cash account, navigate to the Profile section using the bottom navigation menu.

Scroll down and click on Cash Out.

Enter the amount of money to withdraw and select the mobile money account to which you want to withdraw, and then continue to Cash Out.

cash out screen

The transaction takes a few seconds to be completed.

Others features on Chipper Cash

Other than enabling the transfer of money across borders at a free cost, Chipper Cash includes some other features as mentioned in this section.

Buy airtime

The platform also enables users to buy airtime without having to go through the hassle of dialing USSD codes. And this is how you can buy airtime using Chipper Cash:

  • Navigate to the Profile section using the bottom navigation menu.
  • Click on Add Cash
  • Enter an amount from which you will be able to buy airtime, then the mobile money account from which to deduct the money and Add Cash.
  • After adding cash to your Chipper Cash account successfully, click on Buy Airtime which is also found in the Profile section.
  • Enter the phone number to receive the airtime top-up.
  • Depending on the amount of airtime you buy, the company gives a discount.
buy airtime screen

Earn by inviting friends

If you want extra cash for just using your mobile phone, then this is your go-to feature.

Chipper Cash allows you to invite other users by sharing a link to them and currently each user that you invite is Uganda is reward-able with UGX 3000. Not small for just sending a link.

invite friends and earn

The day I downloaded the application, I earned enough for the day’s meals 🙂

Share a payment link

Another cool feature on Chipper Cash is the ability to share your payment link.

This means that you don’t necessarily have to give out your phone number to receive a payment with Chippper Cash. Even a payment link will work.

This is how to share your Chipper Cash payment link:

  • Navigate to the Profile section
  • Then click on Share Your Payment Link, and then you can share it on various platforms.
share chipper cash payment link


Chipper Cash came up at a bright start and I believe it is the next big thing in Africa Fintech.

UgTechMag is not any form affiliated or related to Chipper Cash and therefore all issues with the platform should be resolved with Chipper Cash as a company.