How to Send a Voice SMS on Safaricom

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If you think a text message would not communicate effectively, then you can choose to send the voice message instead. Voice SMS service enables subscribers to record and send messages. This service is similar to the voicemail feature and available to only Safaricom subscribers. Here is how you can send a voice SMS on Safaricom.

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Send a Voice SMS on Safaricom

1. Launch the phone app on your device.

2. Dail 1 followed by the number you intend to send the voice message to. For example, if you want to leave a voice message for 07XXXXXXXX, you should dial 107XXXXXXXX (XXXXXXX stands for the digits of the number that you want to call).

3. Go ahead and hit the call button and follow the prompts.

4. The recipient will get a voice SMS notification from 211. If you want to listen to the voice message, dial 211 then follow the voice prompts. To retrieve older voice messages dial 311.  

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Safaricom Voice SMS Charges?

The subscriber will be charged KES. 3.50 to send a voice SMS. If the subscriber wants to listen to or retrieve an older voice message, they will be charged KES. 2.00 and will have to dial 311.

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