Self-study Luganda to Easily Communicate In Uganda with your phone

Self-study Luganda to Easily Communicate
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Self-Study Luganda to Easily Communicate In Uganda freely and effectively. Have you thought of Visiting Uganda someday, for a tour maybe, vacations or to do business? It will be necessary for you to know at least two major languages in order to survive and communicate effectively, that is English and Luganda. Are you a native but living outside central Uganda? You will need to learn Luganda in addition to the English language in order to survive.

Knowing one of the two languages will make you good to transact and communicate with some few people who can understand what you are saying, but being in a position to communicate your needs through both languages will automatically help you bond easily and enjoy everything in Uganda like any native speaker. That means that you must Self-Study Luganda to Easily Communicate In Uganda in addition to your English language.

Ugandan people will easily like you for speaking Luganda if you are a foreigner, and you will be in a good position to enjoy life in almost every part of the country since you are able to communicate in the two major languages spoken in Uganda.

For parents who always speak English at home and you never get time to teach or speak to your children in Luganda, you need something to help you Self-Study Luganda to Easily Communicate with your children, something that will not need you to sit home all day to interact with them because you must work. Luganda teachers may be expensive for such a simple task, and also the time spent up for Luganda lessons might be of an inconvenience in one way or another.

What is the solution for Self-Study Luganda to Easily Communicate?

Learn Luganda easily with this app, Survival Luganda. It is available on Google play store and a product of Nkugwa Mark a trusted Muganda speaker.

The application will enable you to learn Luganda up to a degree that can help you survive in the entire country Uganda. With a dictionary of simple Luganda words and their pronunciations, Survival Luganda is the only solution for anyone who would want to learn Luganda language in the fastest means and shortest time.

The application is being used by a number of people from the reviews captured, it’s transforming a number of Ugandans who were not good in Luganda language and as well to foreigners visiting and planning to come to Uganda in the nearby future.


Features Survival Luganda application will give you

Survival Luganda Application is a mobile application which means you simply just need to download it from Google play store, install and let your journey of Luganda lessons begin. It’s a small application that will not take up Mbs of space on your device. The application is only 18.52MB.

The application provides daily lessons and also enables you to set reminders on when you want your next lesson to begin. It will wake you up without fail if the reminder was set at midnight.

In addition to simple Luganda words and spelling, Survival Luganda application also provides you with audios of native Baganda people speaking which helps you to learn the pronunciation of different words. Audios include simple word pronunciation, longer conversations between two people, greetings, and simple requests.

Lessons are arranged in chapters making it easy for you to identify which chapter you are done with or left with to Self-study Luganda to easily communicate in Uganda. It also helps to plan for lessons and how long you would spend learning Luganda language in order to survive in Uganda.

With Survival Luganda, you can learn how to count in Luganda, fine numbers, money sums, objects, names of animals, and apologetic languages. However, since it’s just a Language application for survival in a foreign region and country, Survival Luganda does not go deeper into complicated Luganda, that’s mentioning slangs, jargons, and twisted words.

Survival Luganda only provides all that you need in order to communicate effectively through Luganda language while in Uganda.  Feel free to download the application here