SafeBoda responds to updates in its User Terms and conditions

SafeBoda responds to updates in terms and conditions -
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At the start of the Month, it was brought to light that Safeboda had supposedly updated its terms and conditions of use. Anyone who tried to access the SafeBoda application could tell. On logging into your app, you had to accept the Updated terms and conditions of use so as to proceed and use the application (just like it was for WhatsApp recently). Those who read the updated terms and conditions (well, not many) found out.

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Ugandans did not receive this well, and here is why.

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Is SafeBoda responsible for any damages caused while using their services?

One of the core reasons why Ugandans love (or loved) SafeBoda was its connotation to “Safety”, it is called Safe-Boda. It was common for any user to directly report to SafeBoda online or via a direct call line concerning harassment, threat, or damages caused by a Safeboda driver, and the company responded in a bid to take action.

For some, this was put into consideration, and for others like Lamarome, whose car bumper was knocked down by a Safeboda rider, this wasn’t the case. There is a reason for this though. Safeboda drivers are expected to take responsibility for their actions, and my response to him is clearly stipulated below (as per the Safeboda driver’s terms of use).

In section 4, however, the SafeBoda passenger terms of use are clear when it comes to damages that arise from using a SafeBoda. It stipulates below that:

4.5. We will not be liable for any damages, direct, incidental, and or consequential, arising out of the use of SafeBoda, including, without limitation, damages arising out of communicating and or meeting with other participants of SafeBoda, or introduced to you via SafeBoda. Such damages include and are not limited to, physical damages, bodily injuries, death, and emotional distress and discomfort.

Source: SafeBoda Passenger Terms of Use (as of 2nd February 2021)

This leaves the question, is Safeboda “Safe”? And Is this the only reason why Safeboda users are enraged? Let us find out!

Is SafeBoda still “Safe”?

After these updates in passenger terms of use, many Ugandans are threatening to leave the re-known ride-hailing application claiming the “Safety” is no longer part of the deal.

You wouldn’t blame them, because one may ask, what happens when a SafeBoda rider threatens the Safety of the passenger? Over to you SafeBoda.

Safeboda CEO responds to the updates in passenger terms of use

In a YouTube video, the Safeboda CEO Rapa Thomson Ricky tells users not to worry concerning the new terms of use. They appreciate the feedback and will be reviewing the terms and conditions of use.

He emphasizes that Safeboda still cares for their community and the safety of their passengers. Refresher trainings are being conducted for their riders and passengers should expect quality services.

Safeboda CEO responds to update in terms and conditions of use

What does the future hold for SafeBoda

Safeboda has braved many storms, and this is one of those which is threatening its roofs, but will it also destabilize its foundation?

After allegations of Safeboda illegally sharing users’ data to US company, the saga was put to rest after NITA-Uganda reported that SafeBoda didn’t sell any customer data.
However, tables turned when NITA-Uganda confirmed the allegations to be true later, and the impact this has on the brand name is debilitating.

“Why doesn’t @SafeBoda provide an option for deactivating our accounts. I just don’t want to install the app, I want to take back the consent I previously gave it.” – Peter Nvigyi, an enraged user in response to the data sharing saga took it to Twitter.

In conclusion, we leave it to you the readers. What do you think the new Safeboda terms of use mean for the start-up as a whole? Will you still use the SafeBoda app if these terms of use are not updated?