Safaricom Postpay Packages; How to Join

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The new Safaricom postpay packages enable subscribers to use data, SMS, and voice bundles then pay later. The bill will be sent to the email address provided during the sign-up process on the 3rd of every month. Failure to settle your bill by the 16th of the month will lead to disconnection from the PostPay tariff. If you can adhere to the terms, continue reading this guide. Here is how you can join Safaricom postpay.

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How does the Safaricom Postpay Service Work?

1. PostPay allows subscribers to use Safaricom services now and pay later.

2. All Safaricom Prepay subscribers are eligible for this service.

3. The postpay bundles have no expiry date, however, if you exhaust your bundle, you will be charged an out of bundle rate of Kshs. 2.30 for calls and Kshs. 1.30 for data. This is only applicable once the bundles run out, you can also purchase other bundles with expiry or non-expiry on *544#.

4. The selected bundle will be renewed on the 1st of every month.

5. If you sign up after the 1st of the month the amount and resources will be prorated and will not expire. On the 1st of the next month, you will receive full (bundles and minutes).

Join Safaricom Postpay Service


  1. Dial *544# select the option to select is Join PostPay.
  2. You will be presented with a predefined credit limit. Customers with no credit limit will be prompted to enter their preferred limit and make payment via MPESA.
  3. You will be prompted to enter your email address for billing purposes.
  4. Select a PostPay bundle plan.
  5. Accept terms and conditions.
  6. You will receive a notification that your line has been moved to PostPay.
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Use My Safaricom App

1. Download and install the My Safaricom app from Play Store and Apple Store.

2. Launch the app.

3. On the home menu, click on the Postpay option.

4. Select your monthly limit.

5. Enter your email address.

6. Purchase a package that you prefer.

7. Tap on the Join button.

Safaricom PostPay Packages

These are the all NEW PostPay package plans. They give subscribers access to an abundance of data and minutes plus unlimited SMS on the only PostPay plan in Kenya with NO EXPIRY. In addition, you enjoy international calling to the USA, China, Canada, and India.

1,050 Per Month 5 GB Worry free Data 400 Worry Free minutesWorry-Free SMS
2,100 Per Month 15 GB Worry free Data 1,000 Worry Free minutes Worry-Free SMS
3,150 Per Month 25 GB Worry free Data 1,500 Worry Free minutes Worry-Free SMS
5,200 Per Month Worry free Data 2,500 Worry Free minutes Worry-Free SMS
10,430 Per Month Worry free Data Worry Free minutes Worry-Free SMS