How to Reset the IFMIS Password or Username

How to Reset the IFMIS Password or
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Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) is an electronic procurement system (e-procurement) responsible for managing public finances. The National Treasury’s Initiative (IFMIS) throughout the country’s main purpose is to serve Kenyans effectively on issues relating to public procurement.┬áThis is an online portal where suppliers can perform various procurement processes including tendering, planning, auditing, reporting, requisition, payments, and checking notifications of tender awards. Accessing the services on this platform are log in based. What do you do then if you have forgotten your IFMIS password or username? The answer is pretty simple, you reset the IFMIS password or IFMIS username.

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Forgetting passwords is a cut-and-dried incident in our technological world especially if you do not use a certain platform often. I am certain that you do not log in to your IFMIS platform regularly, so when you try to log in, you might be fought off guard by either your IFMIS password or IFMIS username or both. However, you do not have to miss a tender on accounts with a forgotten IFMIS password or IFMIS username. This tutorial details a step-by-step guide that will help you rejuvenate a new password or track your username;

Step 1: Visit the IFMIS supplier portal on your preferred browser.

Step 2: Once the Supplier portal has been uploaded, find the “Login Assistance” link just below the password option and click on it.

How to Reset the IFMIS Password or

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Step 3: On the Login Assistance page you will be presented with two options; Forgot Password option and Forgot Username option.

  • If you have forgotten your IFMIS password, enter your username then click on the Forgot Password button and the instructions for setting your password will be emailed to you. Now continue with step 4, to set up your password swiftly.
  • If you have forgotten your IFMIS username, enter the email address associated with your account then tap Forgot Username button and the username will be sent to the email address that you registered with during the IFMIS self-registration procedure. Go check your email address inbox and you will see an email from Workflow Mailer detailing your IFMIS username.
How to Reset the IFMIS Password or

Step 4: Go to the registered email inbox, then open the email to view a link and also check the password reset instructions that have been sent by Workflow Mailer. Go ahead and click on the Reset Password Link.

Step 5: Hereafter, you will be referred to a page on which you will be prompted to create a New Password. Enter your Username, then type and confirm your new IFMIS password. Once you are well set with your password, click on Confirm New Password button. That’s it. You have successfully reset your IFMIS password.

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IFMIS Password Reset Tip: Remember to use a strong password with at least eight characters. This should be a combination of text and numbers and you might also throw some special characters in the mix. A hard-to-guess password is good as it secures your account. It is not advisable to use common names as they are easy to guess. However, if you insert special characters in between, it can turn them into a secure password. When logging in remember that the user name is the email you used when registering your account. If you have always had an issue with setting up a secure password, try this password manager.