How to Replace Your Lost or Stolen National ID Card in Uganda

How to replace your National Identification Card in Uganda
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This guide will show you how to replace your lost or stolen national ID card in Uganda.

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The government of Uganda introduced National IDs in 2014 as a resource to identify every citizen of the country by a special/Unique number called NIN or National Identification Number. The policy was initially rubbished by the citizens of Uganda who called this exercise an Illuminati activity which saw most of the majority fail to register themselves as part of the campaign.

However, in 2016 most were forced to register since no one was allowed to participate in the presidential elections and voting that was carried out that same year. As the years went on, by 2017, you could not own a bank account or a SIM card without a national ID. Today status, 0.1% of the whole population excluding children below five years is the number without national IDs. The National ID is now a fundamental document that every citizen must have and losing it means you will have to go through several steps that are described below in the process of replacing your lost ID.

However, many IDs have been lost and found and then returned to the quarters of NIRA where the owners go and pick them up once announced over the National Radio station or NIRA Facebook page. If your National ID card is lost in a shuffle, regaining it only requires you to have your registered thumb at par to keep in check with the NIRA ID regulations. Henceforth, here is how you can easily recover your lost National ID card.

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Download a Replacement Form

As a cause, the first thing you must do in regaining your National ID card is to browse the NIRA website and access the Forms drop-down menu which embeds the Forms for registration of a person’s category for a replacement form. After downloading or filling out the replacement form, accessing the nearest office will grant you a perfect bypass to the appropriate desk with all details intact.

Visit your nearest NIRA office

How to replace your Lost or stolen National ID Card in Uganda - UgTechMag.Com

The National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA) main offices are located at the Kololo Airstrip. However, regional offices exist at the district level and it’s advisable to check out before opting to visit the main offices at Kololo, perhaps that’s pretty cheaper. With your downloaded documents well filled in, the only pending requirement would be clearing the pending replacement fees for a new National ID card.

National ID Replacement Fees

How to replace your Lost or stolen National ID Card in Uganda - UgTechMag.Com

You will be required to pay a minimum price of UGX 50,000 excluding bank charges before you get a National ID replacement. Note that there will be no additional fees required once you fully replace your National ID at an authorized NIRA office.

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Here’s how to track the status of your National ID registration

Having a National ID is quickly becoming an essential tool when it comes to the receipt of services within Uganda. It has even marked a thick boundary between mobile network customers who qualify to have their SIM cards on and those who do not. Since the validation process requires one to present their National Identification Number (NIN), many people are flocking to various offices to get their card or to register their identity; all hope lies in the hands of the National Identification and Registration Authority.

This post serves to guide you on how to quickly know the status of your ID registration, with no need for standing and waiting in the long queues.

All you need to have is an operating SIM card so that you dial the USSD code reserved for NIRA to track national ID registration and the application form with which you registered for your National identity.

Dial *216#

This has no mobile network limitations. You can use your Airtel, Africell,  MTN Uganda,  UTL, Smile, Vodafone line, or any other operational in Uganda.

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1. Request NIN

You can select this option in case you want to know your national identification number (NIN), for purposes of registration and any other related circumstances. This can cover the delay in receiving the card. Here, you are required to enter your surname, given name, and application ID. This application ID is found on the form with which you apply for the National ID.

2. Apply for ID

Here you will need to state whether you are a citizen by birth or by another category. Here you are asked to prove your citizenship with the relevant documents to be presented.

3. ID Status

This tracks how far your ID processing has gone. You are required to enter your surname, given name, and application ID.

4. Replace ID

This helps you to get a new national ID in case you lose or damage the one you had before. For a lost ID, you are required to get a police report, fill out a form from NIRA offices, attach a bank receipt for payment of Ugx 50,000, and visit NIRA offices to make a replacement. For a damaged ID, you only need to fill out a form and attach a payment receipt.

5. Correct Information

If you are not satisfied with some information relayed on your national identity card, you have the right to correct it. Here you are advised to visit NIRA offices at Kololo Airstrip for further guidance.