5 Methods to Reboot Your Windows Computer

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Recently, we shared with you a detailed guide on different methods on how you can sign out from your Windows PC. Today, we will show you 5 different methods for how to reboot your Windows computer. Rebooting your Windows computer is a common way to fix temporary issues. Sometimes, you need to restart to apply Windows Updates or changes to your settings. Knowing different ways to restart your PC is handy because if one method doesn’t work due to a Windows error, you can try another.

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Let us get started;


1. Start Menu to Restart PC:

The Start menu offers a straightforward way to restart your Windows PC. It’s the method most people are familiar with, making it a reliable choice for everyday use.

  • Click the Start icon or press the Win key.
  • Click the power icon and choose “Restart.”

2. Power User Menu to Restart PC:

The Power User menu is a handy shortcut to essential Windows features, including the option to restart your computer. It’s a quick and efficient way to get the job done.

  • Right-click the Start icon or use Win + X.
  • Select “Shut down or sign out” and then “Restart.”

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3. Ctrl + Alt + Delete Menu Restart PC:

When your Start menu isn’t working correctly, the Ctrl + Alt + Delete menu can come to the rescue. It provides a reliable way to restart your PC when other methods might fail.

  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete.
  • Click the power icon and choose “Restart.”

4. Alt + F4 Shortcut to Restart PC:

The Alt + F4 shortcut opens a dialog that allows you to restart your computer. It’s a neat trick that also offers options for other power-related actions, like shutting down or putting your PC to sleep.

  • Press Win + D to go to your Desktop.
  • Press Alt + F4.
  • Select “Restart” and click “OK.”

5. Use the Command Prompt to Restart the PC:

For those comfortable with using the Command Prompt, this method provides a command-line approach to restarting your PC. It can be useful when you need precise control over the process.

  • Search for “cmd” and run as administrator.
  • Type “shutdown -r” and press Enter.
  • Click “Close” when a warning appears. Your PC will restart in 60 seconds.

These methods cover various situations and can be helpful when dealing with Windows issues.

To sum it up, we’ve covered five ways to restart your Windows computer. These methods can be handy in different situations and can help when you’re facing problems with your PC. Whether you use the Start menu, Power User menu, Ctrl + Alt + Delete menu, Alt + F4 shortcut, or the Command Prompt, you have several options to choose from when you need to restart your computer and resolve any Windows issues.