Reasons why your smartphone charges slowly and how to fix it

smartphone charges slowly -
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This post lists some reasons why a smartphone charges slowly and how to fix some of the issues. Everyone wants to have a phone that charges full very fast without any hops. Whereas, if it is taking longer than usual to become fully charged, that could become unbearable. I have seen people and have also been a victim of a phone that charges for longer hours than I use it.

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While some people resort to using the phone while it is charging, this is problematic too. But there are also cases where your charger will not allow you to use the phone while it is charging. This can be seen in its slow and sluggish performance. But what exactly could be the issues which cause a phone to charge slowly, and are there any solutions? Here are some I researched and discovered.

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smartphone charges slowly
A smartphone charging slowly is a frustrating experience | image source: pixabay


(a). It might be the cable;

Cables could be the potential cause. After changing the cable and you notice that the charging speed is back to normal, then you can conclude that your cable is the source of the problem. Nothing lasts forever, in the same way not all cables are durable. With all the cables out there on the market, it is not that easy to choose a quality one.


  1. Endeavor to use cables specifically meant for your phone. Like the one that came with your new phone in the box. Alternatively, you could buy a new cable specifically meant for your phone. If it’s a Tecno, buy a Tecno cable, if it’s Samsung, buy a Samsung cable.

(b). Software update is causing problems;

There are situations where you are downloading and installing a new system update on your Android device, only to notice that your phone is charging slowly afterward! This is usually due to a glitch (bug/error/fault) in the Software. Updates are sent to enhance the performance of smartphones; however, errors may occur during the installation process.


  1. Try installing the software update and re-install it.
  2. In case that does not work. It means the update itself has errors. In that case, wait for the manufacturers to correct those errors and install the software update when they release the fixed update.

(c). Too many background apps;

Many Android users may not know the correct way to close an application. Users may forget to close the apps properly and those apps run in the background of the said device. It is also possible that some of the apps that you have downloaded are designed to run in the background, automatically.

The main issue here is pretty straightforward. These apps not only consume the RAM of the smartphone but also drain the battery. So, the constant battery drain makes it seem like the battery is charging very slowly.


  1. To stop these apps from running in the background, you need to go to the settings of your smartphone and stop them manually. Then they will stop draining the battery and it will charge faster.

(d). The battery is almost dead;

If you have had your phone for a long time and given it hell, this has probably taken a toll on your battery. Batteries, inevitably, degrade over time. They do so faster if you go through many cycles, use them heavily, and let them run hot.


  1. Replace the battery.

(e). Charging port issues;

Your device will charge slower than usual if the charging port is damaged. Foreign materials trapped in the port can obstruct the transfer of electrical current from the charging cable to your phone. This may also slow down the charging process.


  1. Examine your phone’s charging port using a flashlight and check for dust, lint, and dirt.

Those are some of the common problems why your smartphone charges slowly and some solutions to each problem.