Print Screen button not working: SOLVED

Windoes 10
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Are you using Windows 10 or any other version? You’ve tried pressing the PrtSc button to take screenshots but have failed. This is a guide for you to solve your print screen button not working.

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We shall explain three methods how to take screenshots on Windows 10 including how to solve the Print screen button not working.

Method 1 

Most of the computers save the screenshot to the clipboard when the PrtSc button is pressed. Therefore you can only view the screenshot image after pasting it somewhere for example in a word document.

However, there are various methods used to save the image as soon as the screenshot is taken.

The print screen button not working is mostly as a result of not using the correct key combination.

To take and save a screenshot using the print screen button, press the Windows key(the button with the windows logo) + PrtSc button. This combination will take and save the screenshot.

However, the key combination may change for different computers depending on the manufacturer. If the previous combination doesn’t work, You can try Ctrl + Windows key + PrtSc, Ctrl + PrtSc or Fn + PrtSc.

If none of the above combinations works, consider checking your computer manual.

To view the taken screenshots, open the file explorer and navigate to C:\Users\lubow\Pictures\Screenshots.

Windows Screenshots path

Method 2

This is another method to use alternatively due to the print screen button not working.

Click the Ctrl + Shift + S combination . Then click on the mouse and drag the cursor covering the area of the screen, you want to print. However, you’ll notice the screenshot being taken.

The screenshot taken will be stored on the clipboard and can be pasted anywhere like a document.

Method 3

Another way to solve the print button not working is by using the Windows Snipping tool.

This is the best way of taking flexible screenshots.

You can choose the mode with which to take the screenshot. Either in free-form, rectangular, window or full screen. To start taking, click on new

How to take screenshots with Windows snipping tool due to Print Screen button not working

To take a free-form screenshot. Click on the mouse to cover the are you need in the screenshot image. This can take a screenshot of any shape.

To take a rectangular screen. Click and drag the mouse to cover the area for the screenshot

To take a window screenshot, just move the cursor to the window you need in the screenshot.

With the snipping tool, you can as well decide to delay the screenshot by a given period of time by clicking on Delay (in seconds).

How to take screenshots with Windows snipping tool due to Print Screen button not working

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