What you must do to preserve your phone battery life

What you must do to preserve your battery life
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In this blog, we share with you practical ways on how to preserve your phone battery life.

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Recently we wrote and shared with you the ten common things that drain your phone battery life faster than you thought. If you missed it, you can check it out here.

They were a number of factors that were deeply explained in that article. Moving on with, here is a complete guide on how you can preserve your phone battery life given you know what drains it faster.

Of course, the first note you should take here is avoiding the practices I listed in the previous article, afterward you are then okay to add on what I am to show you in this article basing on how you can preserve your battery life.


Preserve your phone battery life by doing this:

Understand how your phone battery degrades.

This is crucial, and an underline of the saying “Know the cause before you prevent” It’s true that your phone battery degrades slightly for every charge cycle. That is, from 0% to 100%.

If you can slow down those charge cycles, that is, if you can extend the everyday battery life of your phone, then you can extend its battery lifespan as well.

Avoid extremes of heat and cold

If your phone gets very hot or cold, it can strain the battery and shorten its lifespan. Leaving it in your car would probably be the worst you can do, if it’s hot and sunny outside.

Do away with fast charging

Charging your phone quickly stresses the battery. Unless you really need it, avoid using fast charging.

In fact, the slower you charge your battery the better, so if you don’t mind slow charging overnight, just do it. Charging your phone from your computer as well as certain smart plugs can limit the voltage going into your phone thus slowing its charge rate.

However slow it might feel, it is actually a good hack for your phone battery

Don’t drain to 0% and Don’t charge to 100%

Older types of rechargeable batteries had ‘battery memory’. If you didn’t charge them to full and discharge them to zero battery they ‘remembered’ and reduced their useful range. It was better for their lifespan if you always drained and charged the battery completely.

Newer phone batteries work in a different way. It stresses the battery to drain it completely or charge it completely. Phone batteries are happiest if you keep them above 20% capacity and below 90%. To be extremely precise, they’re happiest around 50% capacity. How about you keep your phone happy now?

Turn down the screen brightness.

A Smartphone’s screen is the component that typically uses the most battery. Turning down the screen brightness will save energy. Using auto Brightness probably saves battery for most people by automatically reducing the screen brightness when there’s less light, although it does involve more work for the light sensor.

Use Auto-lock for screen timeout

If you leave your screen on without using it, it will automatically turn off after a period (usually one or two minutes)

You can save energy by reducing the Screen Timeout time. On the other hand, if you reduce auto-lock or screen timeout you may find your screen dimming too soon when you’re in the middle of reading a news story, so that’s a call you’ll need to make.

Push vs. Fetch

Several sources claim that changing your email from push to fetch will save battery. Push means your device is always listening for new email, and these get pushed through immediately. Fetch means your device checks for new messages at a given interval, every 15 minutes for example. The most energy-efficient thing to do would be to fetch manually, thus your device only checks for mail when you manually open your email app.