How to Send Please Call Me on Airtel Kenya

Please Call Me on Airtel Kenya
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Have you run out of airtime and still want to communicate to your fellows? Airtel Kenya gives you free messages to send to your friends asking them to call you back. However, before you go into sending the message, first check if you have enough Airtel Zawadi points to redeem. This article guides you on how to send please call me on Airtel Kenya.

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  1. Launch phone app.
  2. Dial *100# and press the call button.
  3. Select option 6, Kopa and Other Services.
  4. Then enter option 2, Call me Back from the displayed menu.
  5. Enter number that you want to send the “please call me” message and click send.
  6. A message sent confirmation will appear on your screen. And also a please call me message will be delivered to the recipient.
Please Call Me on Airtel Kenya

Note: Airtel Kenya gives subscribers a maximum of 10 please call me back SMS.

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