How to place an order Jumia Uganda .

place an order Jumia Uganda .
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Jumia is africa’s largest ecommerce platform with branches across 10 countries .

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In a move to take online shopping to a next level , Jumia allows its users to order for items online and have them delivered physically to their door steps .

If it’s is your first time to use the ecommerce platform here in Uganda , this article is going to take you through a step by step process on how to place an order Jumia Uganda .

How to place an order Jumia Uganda .

Jumia allows its user to order for items and have them delivered within 3 working days of placing an order .

You can also pay for these commodities via mobile money or pay Cash on Delivery .

So before you place an order , you should know what type of payment is suitable for you .

According to Jumia’s payment methods , pay on delivery is only available for people within Kampala .

To place an order on Jumia Uganda , follow the step by step instructions in the section below .

Step by Step guide on how to place an order on Jumia Uganda .

Place an order via Jumia web .

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to .
  2. You can now search for any commodity of your choice and tap to open it .

Jumia search

3. To place an order, simply select BUY NOW button

place an order jumia uganda

4. Jumia will automatically add your item to shopping cart . If you need to continue shopping press CONTINUE SHOPPING button otherwise press VIEW CART AND CHECKOUT button .

Jumia cart

5. You can now Proceed to CheckOut or continue shopping until your cart is full .

proceed to checkout jumia

6. Before you checkOut , you’ll be asked to login or create an account with Jumia . You can simply login with your facebook details by tapping the Login with Facebook button .

login or create account with gmail

7. After login is successful , Click Proceed to CheckOut and you’ll be redirected to CheckOut Page . Confirm your Address details , Delivery Method and click Proceed to Next Step .

click proceed to next step

8. In the next Step , select method of payment for your order . Their are always two methods , MTN Mobile money and Cash on Delivery ( COD ) . Then click Confirm Order button .

confirm order button jumia

9. You’ll receive a confirmation Thank You and a call from jumia support team in the next few hours . If in any case you made a mistake and need to cancel the order follow the steps in the next section below .

Jumia takes a maximum of 3 working days to deliver any commodity around Uganda . Personally i receive my items within 3 hours of ordering since am around kampala .

How to cancel a placed Jumia Order Uganda .

According to my research there is no automatic cancel order button on Jumia website . However you can still cancel an order by filling a short cancel form on Jumia website or simply call the Jumia support team .

If you’re very relunct about all the above two options , you may simply ignore the confirmation calls from jumia . Ignoring these calls or messages simply means you’re no longer interested .

In case the product was already delivered and didn’t like it , you can return it to Jumia using their return policies as indicated below .

Log the request – there are actually two options for this step. The first option is going into your personal account on Jumia and create a return request.

The other one is to call customer care service or contact them on website to create the request.

Pack the product – you have to package the product according to the special return conditions you can find on their website.

Along with the product, you also have to pack all the accessories that came with it, tags, and free gifts if you have received any.

Return the product – in case you want to arrange a pickup, the customer service will contact you and arrange the best possible time.

If you decide to drop it off at a specified station, follow all the drop off instructions – it is free of charge .

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