How to Pin Multiple Posts (Photos & Reels) to your Instagram Profile

How to Pin Multiple Posts (Photos & Reels) to your Instagram
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In June, Instagram introduced the Pin posts feature which is slightly similar to Twitter’s Pin Tweet feature. Now, Instagram allows users to pin up to 3 of their favorite posts to the top of their profile. The pinned posts are stacked on the first row of the profile grid denoted with a pin icon against each post.

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Ordinarily, every time you post a reel or picture, it is displayed at the top row of the profile grid suppressing the older posts. There are always photos or reels that will stand out for you. The reason will range from levels of engagement to posts that resonate perfectly for your brand or just one cute picture or a well-scripted reel. For whichever reason you hold at heart, you can now pin three of your favorite photos or reels. The pinned posts will stick at the top and with not be affected by recent posts.


Why you Should Pin Posts to Your Instagram Profile

As a content creator or just a basic Instagram user, you get to display your finest posts. There is no denying, that there is always that picture or reel in which you hit your potential as a creative. If you pin the posts, those will be the first posts that whoever checks out your profile will see.

Well, if you post on a regular, certain posts will not get enough coverage as you had earlier expected them to. So you can market them at the forefront of the profile grid. Good thing is that you get to pin 3 posts at a time.

How to Pin Posts to your Instagram Profile

1. Start the Instagram app on your device and sign in to your account.

2. Tap on the Profile icon in the bottom right corner.

How to Pin Multiple Posts (Photos & Reels) to your Instagram

3. On the next page, you will be able to see your posted photos and Reels. Find the photo or reel that you would like to pin and select it.

4. Tap on the three dots icon on the upper right corner of the selected post for menu options to appear.

How to Pin Multiple Posts (Photos & Reels) to your Instagram

5. From the list of displayed menu options, select “Pin to Your Profile.” Just like that, the post will be pinned to your Instagram profile. You will then notice that pinned post is denoted with the pin icon against it in the right corner. Go ahead and repeat the steps above to pin two more posts to your Instagram account.

How to Pin Multiple Posts (Photos & Reels) to your Instagram

How to UnPin Posts from your Instagram Profile

If you are unfound of the pinned post anymore, you can choose to unpin it from your Instagram profile. Here is how;

1. Go to your Instagram profile page.

2. Select the pinned post

3. Tap on the three-dot icon next to the post for a menu list to pop up.

4. From the list of displayed options, select “Unpin from Your Profile.” An on-screen notification will confirm that the post has been unpinned from your Profile. Go back to your Instagram Profile page, you notice that the post has disappeared from the first row of your Instagram posts, and also the pinned icon will be erased from the post.

How to Pin Multiple Posts (Photos & Reels) to your Instagram