How to Pay Parking in Mombasa on Your Phone

How to Pay Parking in Mombasa on Your
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Finding convenient parking in a bustling city like Mombasa can be a challenge. However, the process of paying for parking doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Understanding how to make payment for your packing ticket and the right procedures for parking can be equally confusing. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of paying for parking in Mombasa, ensuring you have a smooth and hassle-free experience.

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To Pay for your Parking Ticket in Mombasa;

1. To begin the payment process, dial *282# on your phone. The system will prompt you to register by providing your name and creating a unique PIN specifically for the parking payment system. Remember that this PIN is not the same as your phone’s PIN.

2. Enter your name as requested and create a new PIN for the parking payment system. Ensure that the PIN you choose is secure and easy for you to remember.

3. Upon successful registration, you will be greeted with the Mombasa County e-services screen. The options presented to you will include:

  • My Services
  • My Account

To pay for parking in Mombasa, select the first option, “My Services,” by entering the number 1.

4. Upon selecting “My Services,” a new screen will appear with two options:

  • Pay Parking
  • Traffic Offenses

Select option 1 to proceed with the parking payment process.

5. If you are making a payment for the first time for a specific vehicle, choose the “new” option. However, if you have previously paid for the same vehicle, select the “existing” option.

6. Next, you will be prompted to select the type of vehicle you are paying for. Options may include private, saloon, pickup, canter, trailer, and more. Choose the appropriate vehicle type.

7. You will be presented with a list of parking zones in Mombasa. Choose the specific zone where you are parked from the options provided. The zones may include:

  • CBD
  • Nyali
  • Shimanzi
  • Changamwe
  • Likoni
  • Kisauni

8. Enter the Vehicle Registration Number as requested and send the information. The system will calculate the amount you need to pay based on your vehicle type and the selected parking zone.

9. You will be given the choice to accept or reject the payment amount presented to you. If you agree with the calculated fee, select option 1 to proceed with the payment. If you wish to cancel the transaction, choose option 2.

10. Upon accepting the payment, the system will send a push message to your account, providing instructions on how to proceed with the payment.

11. Follow the provided instructions to complete the payment using M-Pesa, ensuring that you finalize the transaction successfully.

Congratulations! Your parking payment is now complete, and you will receive a confirmation message confirming the successful transaction.