How to order Products on Amazon from Uganda

How to order Products on Amazon from
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Almost certainly, many Ugandans, including even you, have tried to order merchandise online from Amazon. I am no prophet but there’s a possibility your attempt was not successful. Amazon happens to have a list of countries which you can sell and order their goods from and a list of those which you cannot access their services.

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With the growing global market, however, you will have products being sold only on Amazon which can be quite an inconvenience in case you badly need the item. Amazon’s presence reaches over 58 countries and its global shipping service exceeds more than 100 countries. Availing it to a greater international online population. Amazon operates in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, and other chosen few with each country having specific sites. While certain countries may restrict certain items due to their content, amazon does not accept orders for delivery in Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria, and North Korea. Amazon accepts sellers from over 102 countries worldwide making it convenient unless you happen to be in a country excluded from its services

Have you heard of freight forwarding companies? One of the best answers to your problems. These companies will give you a United States address allowing you to shop the Amazon US products of your choice and then they receive your orders on your behalf and ship your packages to you. An example of such companies is comGateway. All you have to do is go to their website, signup for an account upon which you will receive your own US address and the rest is history. A list of the best freight forwarding companies that can be trusted includes:


Flexport is an easy-to-navigate site, Flexport will have you easily acquire its services. With an updated resource page, the site has blogs, market updates, a page for webinars, and a help center all designed for your user comfort.


Freightos here is a straightforward company. When you register with them, you have directly availed quotes, shipment tracking, and even billings on your dashboard. They have a customer help center for more inquiries plus they are fast in their replies, you can get confirmed when signing up with them in just minutes.


Noviland is a company that enables you to track and monitor your goods after you register with them plus it is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Their website has updated blogs that you can read and learn more about their services. They happen to have a spotlight products page where you can get recommendations on which goods to ship, it’s like they are looking out for you.

Boss Continental

Boss Continental is based in Spain, Boss Continental is present on all continents and proves freight forwarding services for almost everything. With a great network and track record, they give you shipping insurance for your goods.

Having your country prohibited from selling and accessing Amazon goods does not stop you from creating an Amazon account though you might have a problem during the verification process. One of the ways to bypass this system is by buying someone’s account in an unlisted country and with this, you can order or sell goods. The tricky part may be receiving the ordered goods so you should probably have a friend in that country pick up the items for you and send them to your country. You will of course have to incur more costs from the transportation of these items but sometimes we hassle to purchase items that are worth it no matter what amount of money is lost. So before you decide to shop on Amazon from a nonlisted country, make sure you know the Amazon exchange rates and currency converter then you can decide to purchase the item.

For countries that are not enlisted by Amazon, you can always order from other sites. The internet provides options of very many other websites offering the same services as Amazon-like Rakuten, Walmart, Target, eBay, and Alibaba. You definitely cannot fail to find what you are looking for on any one of these sites.