List Of Online Shopping Platforms In Uganda

online Shopping Platforms in Uganda
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When you have everything you need to your reach, life is easy and simple, but the moment you have to go out there, check several stores for something you need, then life becomes so hard for you. Everyone desires to just sit right there, and order from his or her tablet. Today I will show you several online shopping platforms in Uganda that can relieve you of the stress.

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Intraline Online

online Shopping Platforms in Uganda

IntralineOnline is part of Intraline Shipping and Logistics, it allows you shop from almost anywhere in the world and ship to Uganda. They also have a repository of items that you can buy directly from their website and if you can’t find what you want, just send them a link to the item you want to buy and ship to Uganda and they will do the rest.


online Shopping Platforms in Uganda OLX

The platform operates as a national online classifieds marketplace for used goods such as furniture, musical instruments, sporting goods, cars, youngster and baby items, motorcycles, cameras, mobile phones, property and much more. OLX has a website, the local Ugandan-specific site being and native mobile Apps. The company OLX has a presence in over 106 countries across the globe


online Shopping Platforms in Uganda Vendito

This is also new and Operate as a subsidiary of AIG, Africa Internet Group which is Rocket Internet arm in Africa. The platform enables internet users in Uganda to sell their used items and services or find what they need in their respective cities. The site has Electronics, Used Cars, Real Estate, Services, and Clothing.


online Shopping Platforms in Uganda Kuputana

Kupatana is yet another market place for buyers and sellers to meet online in Uganda. Like OLX and Vendito, they have a wide catalog of goods and service that include electronics, real estate, used cars, mobile phones among others. They have a local Ugandan-site at


Eyetrade is another online classified website in Uganda. They have a wide catalog of goods and service that include used phones, cars, furniture, real estate, sports, jobs, and animals. Eyetrade also produces an annual offline magazine with full directory and listing of some of the service providers on its website. Eyetrade can be found at on the web.


If you want to buy and sell your car, 4WD, van, bike, truck or any other vehicle, then this is the site for you. Cheki which is also available in Kenya is a division of One Africa Media which operates and invests in leading market place websites in several African countries.

The others that should be on this list include owino named after popular market in Kampala, which is a checki competitor. Obviously it goes without saying that Facebook groups that are about buying and selling stuff in Uganda are a forced to operate with it. These include groups like Africa trade links, Liquidation Uganda, Zillion club classified, Kings salesmen Africa, Online trading Uganda, Smart gadget Uganda, Dondolo, Trading Posts among others are other classified platforms worth checking out.

Shop 24/7

Shop 24/7 is simply an online supermarket that seems to be so big. They are also a fully functional e-commerce site enabling you shop online. They have lots of products listed and also different of payment options.

Dondolo Shop

Dondolo is all about mobile phones and accessories. They however have a good repository of refurbished and new smart phones that many Ugandans would be interested in. They are functional and have an offline shop in town.


Zidi also is another E-commerce platform that helps individuals, small business and companies to find buy and sell their products and services online. They seem to be new and have few products listed but they are also operational and have a fully functional website.

Paple Rayn Store

This has just surfaced in Uganda and previously operates on Facebook, has no physical location where it shows off its products for the buyers to watch. The platform mostly deals in fashion and also allows shoppers to browse through a variety of fashion items for both women and men with multiple international brands to select from.


Jumia probably has the best E-commerce experience in Uganda, and so far so good it operates in 6 African countries with visible success in Nigeria. They recently opened up shop in Uganda and are also fully functional. While they try to achieve their goal of being your one stop online retailer, Jumia offers you lots of products such as electronics, fashion items, and home appliances. More to that, Jumia has an Android App that helps you shop using a phone


Hellofood, now known as Jumia food is a global food delivery chain that opened up shops in Uganda recently with an aim of making it easy for you to get your favorite dish from your favorite restaurant without leaving your home or desk. Delivery is fast and you will not ever want to order with any other company.


This is less or more like any visible supermarket, only that they deliver to your door step once you order with them. Groceries, health and beauty products to fresh Beef, Chicken, Goat and even fish are all available in stock. HomeDuuka uses local vendors to bring to you a variety of products which you can order online on their website and the products are delivered to you in the comfort of your home or workplace. They use a network of delivery agents to efficiently get the products to the customers.


This platform is body to body with HomeDuuka Group which offers you food delivery services. These two parties work hand in hand and so far run more than 11 restaurants in town, and among those I can mention is Bistro, Prunes and The Soundcup. Before you may order with them, you must first set up an account that helps them capture the your billing address and contacts. However, TakeawayUG has a minimum purchase requirement of 20,000 Ugx and will not process your order if it’s less than that. You may either pay cash or by mobile money