Top 10 online platforms to find houses for rent in Uganda

Find house for rent online in Uganda
Are you looking for a cheap house or apartment to rent in Uganda? Here is a list of websites to help you find a house to rent in Kampala, Jinja, Wakiso and other districts in Uganda.
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Welcome to our mini-catalog on accommodation. As your eyes dance over the options, we trust that you’ll find a great space to dream, create, discover, and bask in comfort, a house for rent online. Are you looking for cheap furnished houses for rent in Kampala? I hope you find your dream house; I pray you find a home. We stand with you, as you take a step towards discovering your little city, and today we’ll share options and clues on where you can find a comfortable house for rent that is pocket-friendly. Here are the different websites to help you find a house for rent/sale in Kampala and Uganda at-large.

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1. Jumia deals

Jumia flaunts great deals on real estate, as it provides options on how one can sell their apartment, or rent one. If you are looking for a furnished apartment or a simple studio kind of room, a house for rent, or if you just want to sell your house, Jumia has got you covered. Whether you want a piece of land, a plot to buy or rent, offices and stores, an industrial building, or even property to invest in, this is a great platform to search.

Here, you’ll be given the option to select your preferred city of accommodation. Jumia offers a wide range of cities from different regions, East, Central, North or West. Whatever your choice of a house; single, double-room, bungalow, storied or standalone house, you can look through the options and until you find your door.

On Jumia deals, you can sign up for an account. Once you have an account, you can always sell or get a house for rent online easily. You can also find the Jumia Deals app for Android here.

Rent apartment online Uganda

2. Jiji

Jiji offers a bunch of decent and affordable houses for rent around Kampala.

From the menu, you can select the property type you may be interested in. The available property types include; flat, bungalow, duplex, mini flat, and house.

You can also see the available number of houses on the platform with your desired features for example the general number of rooms, baths, bedrooms. You can select the kind of furnishing you want, for instance, furnished, semi-furnished or unfurnished.

The houses have a range of facilities, as listed by Jiji. These include air conditioning, dishwasher, hot water, microwave, and refrigerator.

You can also choose the housing quality, from the options standard or substandard.

The condition of the houses is also listed; newly built, fairly used and old. You choose what you want.

You have the option to enter the minimum and maximum price you can offer for your given house, and Jiji will assist with your search for a cheap house for rent, and get right back at you with your best options.

You shouldn’t have trouble going through the list of houses, as there are clear images of the houses. Whatever catches your eye!

For a better experience such as having the option to sell, you can create an account on Jiji and get yours on the market to find your self a house for rent online. Jiji has a mobile app to help ease your search for an apartment for rent in Uganda, on Google Play Store and App Store.

find house for rent online Uganda 4

3. Lamudi

As you get started on your home hunt, Lamudi seeks to know, “Where do you want to live…”

The platform is ready to offer you fiery options on what could be your next dreamland, with different categories of property in top locations. You just have to make a request, and your favorite list will be up, all there, in one place.

The site is always updated with new house and apartment listings, and it gives you the generous option to upload your own, if you wish to sell. Oh Lamudi!

If you desire a home in between the luxurious stories of Kampala’s beautiful apartment buildings, Lamudi is the place to check. You’ll find apartments in Bukoto, Kisaasi, Lubowa, Naguru, and all the “savory” neighborhoods. With Lamudi, you can rent an apartment online, just by a swipe on your phone.

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4. Nyumba Online

Nyumba online is a real estate agency with a master-plan to avail you with great accommodation facilities around town. As you search their directory, you have the option to choose price revelation in shillings or dollars. This will make your search for an apartment online easy.

Here, you can rent or buy flats and apartments, commercial properties and bungalow houses. You can also sell.

They also have available residential, commercial and agricultural land.

The available property categories on Nyumba include; flats and apartments, bungalows, rooms, houses, land, commercial property, and commercial land.

You can click on the option of property for rent, for sell or for lease.

Available districts include Kampala, Jinja, Wakiso, Masaka, Mukono, Gulu and Mbale.

Nyumba also offers advice on property, like how to start renting out your home, how to buy a house on a budget, how to list your property or house online, answers mortgage financing questions, and more.

5. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is an International trip advisor that offers the best options of vacation rentals from all the world, countries in all continents including Uganda. You just have to search for your desired destination or country in which you need to find space to rent.

To unlock the best of TripAdvisor, you can sign in with your Google account.

You’ll be served with information on each property such as the number of bedrooms, baths, and how many people can live in the apartment at a time.

You’ll also find some reviews by those who have had an experience with the houses.

TripAdvisor offers information about the properties and goes ahead to list the amenities that can be availed on each property. These include; the policy on pets, smoking, kids as well as physical amenities like a stove, full baths, double beds, DVD Player, refrigerator, and short-term rentals.

TripAdvisor will show the price for each property for a listed time and avails a form where you can check-in and check out on the platform.

Book your vacation rental now or rent an apartment online in Uganda with this amazing platform. You can get the TripAdvisor app for Android or iPhone to make your search experience easier.

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6. Ecoland Property Services

Ecoland has many categories of property you can rent online and also sell. These include; houses, land, warehouses, plots, office space, shops, apartments, and farmland.

Get hot property deals on Ecoland Property Services.

The platform also gives exclusive information and advice on what and how to invest in property such as Reasons for investing in Real Estate, why one should invest in land in Uganda. You can also learn about land surveying on this platform. It lists the process of buying land, property management and much more.

Get reading, get scrolling, get a house for rent with Ecoland property online platform!

Find houses for rent in Uganda ntinda

7. Posh Properties

Posh Properties offers services that fit all your real estate needs. It offers services in Property Management, Construction and Renovation, Property Sales and Marketing.

You can list what exactly you are looking for. As you search, you’ll be guided by a list. There, you can also state exactly where you would like to stay.

Here, you can find houses for rent in Bugolobi, Kololo, Bukoto, Munyonyo, Muyenga, Naalya, Naguru, Ntinda. You can as well see houses and land on sale in the listed areas.

Posh Properties also lists International Property too.

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8. Ugabox

The directory offers a variety of houses to your appeal for sale.

It lists properties, each with a property ID, location, features, prices and information of contacts. Houses for rent in Najeera, Ntinda and other suburbs around Kampala are listed for rent on UgaBox.

If you are looking for real estate online in Kampala, UgaBox is worth checking out.

Find house for sale/rent in Kampala Uganda

9. Knight Frank

An international space with a wealth of property for rent and sale. Knight Frank spoils you with the option of picking your desired country of accommodation. For Uganda, it does offer the best connections to property for residential and commercial needs.

You can search the catalog by city or town, list the property type and the number of bedrooms, and use the scale availed to you to find your affordable price.

cheap furnished houses for rent in kampala

10. Uganda Property Agents

It offers houses for rent and sale as well as farmland for lease and sale in Kampala.

The property includes, houses, apartments, rental units and islands for sale in Lake Victoria.

If you are looking for an apartment, house or land to rent, Uganda property agents is waiting for you.


Wow! We hope you have had fun amazing journey of online apartments and houses for rent in Kampala and Uganda at large. Home is comfort and we hope you found a house for rent website to help you find one! If we have missed any platform which you have used to rent a house online in Uganda, share it with us in the comments below.

If you also try out any of the house for rent websites above, share with is your experience.

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