Odukar Store: A way to Shop all your Electronics Online

Odukar Store: Shop your electronics online
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Heal your frustration today! You don’t have to illegally skid through the Kampala streets looking for a charger or an extension cable. Odukar Store shall answer to your electronic needs. The store has fastened its belts to match up to the ever-growing standard of work and delivery. It’s right there with you, on your screen.

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You decide how much you want to be spoiled by Odukar. You can order for as many electronics as your electricity can service; from car chargers to power extensions, HDMI cables, phone holders or even a USB cable- stop borrowing.

The products are affordable and of great quality; you’ll not rest from desiring another delivery.

How to order for a product from Odukar Store

Get discount offers from Odukar Store

You can visit the Odukar Store site here and you’ll find a link to register details of your name, location, email, and phone number. Then you can go ahead and place your order.

Alternatively, you can order via their Facebook page (@odukar) or using their telephone contacts, +256770459339 or +256758827621, or send them a WhatsApp on the same contacts.

How to pay for your products

  • Cash on delivery
  • Mobile Money

Note: On delivery, in and around Kampala, you shall be charged a standard fee of only UGX 5,000.

If you may be interested in picking up your purchase, you can find it at the Odukar Store in Ntinda at Tuskys Supermarket.


Online shops have done a great job in solving our shopping problems during this very difficult period awash with threats of death due to COVID-19.

Whereas Odukar Store has given us a good option to shop easily, it will be better if the store introduces a mobile application, which is even much easier to access. With an app, customers can probably monitor their purchases and keep adding items to their carts without necessarily using data to access the website.

Like most e-commerce businesses have done by easing trade through launching mobile applications, it shall be better if Odukar Store serves its customers with one. It is also safer for the store to monitor customers’ purchases on a trading app, than on Facebook.

Odukar Store – Get tested high-quality electronics at great prices! #LiveSmart

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