A quick look at the NUP Uvote app – Features and How to download

NUP Uvote app review download - ugtechmag.com
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Earlier this week a friend sent me a link to the Uvote app, after constant searching for the app via the Google play store and the whole internet at large (All for my efforts to turn out unfruitful).

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With the current political atmosphere, there is quite a blockage to anyone in search of this famous app. The Uvote app was launched this month by the NUP political party in a bid to constructively count votes for the soon coming elections. After looking at an in-depth review of the uvote app from a developer’s view point (Source: Facebook Developer’s Circle’s group), I decided to add my voice to it from an everyday users view point. Here is a quick look at the app, and how best to access it.

First, make sure that you have your VPN on. Here is a list of VPNs you can use.

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How to download and use the uvote app

  • Visit the official uvote website
  • Download the app by Clicking the Download button or Scanning the QR Code
    NOTE: The app is currently available for Android, and it is 53 MBs
Download the NUP Uvote app - ugtechmag.com

Features of the uvote app

The Uvote app was made to be accessed by two kinds of users. An official agent and a Non-official (The everyday citizen). The first interface you are displayed with is a Signup/Log in interface.

1. Signup/Log in

For a first time user, you are required to Register. The Register button is at the bottom left of your screen. When you click on it, you are redirected to a registration form where you are expected to input your details. It is crucial to note that your phone number is the main identification point, since it is where your SMS log-in token is sent.

How to download and use the NUP Uvote app Uganda - ugtechmag.com

If you are already registered on the application, all you need to use is the Token sent to your mobile number.

When you finishing filling in your details, click on the REGISTER button and a verification code will be sent to your mobile number. NOTE: The verification code is quite long, input it at full length to avoid re-doing the process again.

How to use the NUP Uvote app Uganda - ugtechmag.com - 1

2. Uploading and Viewing voting count

Even though I registered as a non-official, one of the features I interacted with was one of uploading results. This is surely a technical glitch that I hope the NUP Developer’s team can sort.

For a non-official, all the presidential candidates are listed, with a vote count next to them.

NUP Uvote app Uganda elections application - ugtechmag.com - 1

3. Reporting an Incident

The uvote application will allow users to report incidents occurring at polling stations. There is a provision to include images and text evidence of any incidents in relation to voting activities which may be against the expected rules and regulations.

NUP Uvote app Uganda elections application - ugtechmag.com


  • It has a user friendly interface
  • Minimalistic design and less buggy than many speculated


  • Only available for android
  • Log-in flaws. I registered as a non-official, but was given an interface which allows for adding votes
  • It is a heavy app (53MBs)


Hopefully this quick review has been helpful. Some user of the application have said there has been blockage of the verification messages. That aside, we hope you get to use the uvote application as intended and share with us your feedback. We wish you all peaceful elections

Disclaimer: UgTechMag is a non-partisan company. This is an unpaid user’s review, and doesn’t reflect ugtechmag’s affiliation to any political party.