‘No Signal Error’ in Zuku Decoders and How to Fix it

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This tutorial is meant for anyone who owns a Zuku satellite TV set and always encounters No signal error. The steps are simple to follow and they will be effective no matter your region of residence. Before you check out the steps, you may want to know what causes No signal errors in Zuku decoders so that you can know what you’re solving.

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  • UHF aerial is incorrectly aligned or obstructed
  • Satellite dishes may be incorrectly positioned or obstructed
  • Corrosion in parts of the antenna due to constant exposure to the elements;
  • Fault with the cabling or connections, for example: 
  • Loose connections from the antenna cable to the TV; 
  • Product fault or misuse
  • Expired firmware, maybe it needs an upgrade.


How to Fix No Signal Error on Zuku TV Decoders

Step 1:

Check and confirm that the cables running from your Zuku Decoder to your TV set plus the antenna are properly fixed. Sometimes they get pulled out slightly during plugging and unplugging of the appliances into the electric sockets. If you find out that the wires are not well connected, try to fit them firmly as instructed in the Zuku decoder manual that you received together with the satellite dish. Below are steps you can follow while reconnecting the cables.

Switch off your TV from the socket, check and see at the receiver, recorder or TV that your antenna cables are connected, and then reconnect all cables at the back of the TV or box, making sure that the cables are all properly connected. Ensure there is not any loose cable that could cause signal loss. Disconnect the signal booster if any.

Wait a little while for any overheated devices to cool down.

Power ON your TV and receiver or decoder.

Retune your device.  You’ll find tuning options in Menu or Settings. If you need instructions, please refer to your Device Manual, or for guidelines,

Now check if the decoder works, if it doesn’t then proceed to step two.

Step 2

Check and confirm if your decoder is in standby mode, if it is not, put it in standby mode and try restarting the decoder. You may want also to check your antenna to see if it’s facing the usual direction where you get clear signals. Feel free to turn it around while checking to see if the error will be corrected. Still, on the antenna, there may be corroded parts between the wires leaving the antenna, check this out plus reconnecting it suitably. If the error persists, this is not the final step. Proceed to step three.

Step 3

Check and confirm using your TV remote input selection if the input source for your TV is Decoder. It may be so; someone might have changed your TV settings, so it’s advisable to check this first before taking any other actions. Other inputs are to AV, TV, Digital TV or DTV.

Step 4

If the problem persists, then you may now call Zuku TV customer helpline number depending on the region of residence. For Uganda call +2560312224800 Zambia +260211386400, Malawi +2651750099, Tanzania 255699990400 and Kenya 0205297000