New DStv, GOtv subscription Charges; Here is What you will Pay

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Starting 1st September 2021, Multichoice Uganda, the operators of both DSTV Uganda and GoTV Uganda satellite will increase the monthly DStv, GOtv subscription charges on their different packages.

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In a message sent to a GOtv Lite customer who was initially paying UGX 12000 as a monthly subscription, GOtv announced the subscription adjustment to UGX 13,000.

“Dear GOtv customer, please be advised of annual GOtv subscription adjustment to UGX 13,000 per month on your package from 1st September.”

GOtv message about the increased DStv, GOtv subscription fees

The new Gotv monthly subscriptions have an additional hiked fee of between UGX 1000 to 2000 only. While DSTV added between UGX 2000 to UGX 12000 on the previous monthly subscription fee.

According to MultiChoice Public Relations and Communications Manager Joan Semanda, the 6% DStv, GOtv subscription charges increment was inevitable due to a tough climate for their business. She added that the move was sanctioned by Uganda Communications Commission.

The new GOtv Subscription Charges

Below is the new GOtv subscription fee per package;

  • GOtv Value package: From UGX 17,000 to UGX 18,000
  • GOtv Max package: From UGX 40,000 to UGX 42,000
  • GOtv Plus package: From UGX 27,000 to UGX 29,000
  • GOtv Lite Monthly: From UGX 12,000 to UGX 13,000
  • GOtv Lite Quarterly: From UGX 28,000 to UGX 31,000
  • GOtv Lite Annual: From UGX 77,000 to UGX 84,000

The new DStv Subscription Charges

Below is the new changed GOtv subscription fee per package.

  • Access package: UGX 35,000 to UGX 37,000.
  • Family package: UGX 52,000 to UGX 55,000.
  • Compact package: From UGX 84,000 to UGX 89,000.
  • Compact Plus package: From UGX 135,000 to UGX 142,000.
  • Premium package: From UGX 227,000 to UGX 239,000