Complete guide on MTN Mobile Money Uganda (Charges, services and more)

All you need to know about MTN Mobile money Uganda
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MTN Mobile Money has with time become one of the superior ways of transacting money electronically. In the recent past, MTN Uganda has been charging for each of the transactions. However, the outbreak of the pandemic had many banks and telecommunications companies rethink and adjust their plans and strategies, for a fair management of money as it circulates through the country and other areas.

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Shortly after the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, MTN scrapped charges on mobile money transactions, because people were generally going through tough times, it was imperative for the telecom company to give their customers this charge holiday. After a while, however, mobile money charges returned.

A clear list was drawn, of the MTN Mobile Money Uganda charges, which took effect on 25th June, 2020. Take a look;

MTN Mobile money Uganda


The transactions supported via MTN Mobile Money

The transactions you can do using MTN Mobile Money range from;

  • Sending money to MTN customers
  • Sending money to other networks
  • Withdrawing money
  • Making payments to the bank
  • Sending money to East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi)
  • Paying Azam TV, Ready Pay, School Fees, Solar Now
  • Paying UMEME, NWSC, DStv, StarTimes, NSSF, Multiplex
  • Withdrawing from Agent
  • Withdrawing from ATM

Here are the detailed charges on each MTN Mobile Money Transactions

MTN Mobile money Uganda sending fees to MTN, other networks, the bank and East Africa

Sending Money
To MTN To OTHER networksTo the bankTo East Africa
500 – 2,50030830N/A1,000
2,501 – 5,0001009401,5001,150
5,001 – 15,0003501,8801,5001,400
15,001 – 30,0005002,3101,5001,650
30,001 – 45,0006002,3101,5001,950
45,001 – 60,0007503,3251,5002,250
60,001 – 125,0001,0002,5001,5003,200
125,001 – 250,0001,1004,9752,2505,000
250,001 – 500,0001,2507,1754,1009,050
500,001 – 1,000,0001,25012,6506,15017,200
2,000,001- 4,000,0001,25037,40011,30055,900
4,000,001- ​7,000,0001,250​55,00011,30061,100

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MTN Mobile money charges to pay for home bills (TV, School fees, UMEME, NSWC and more)

Making Payments
To Azam TV, Ready Pay, School Fees, Solar NowTo UMEME, NWSC, DStv, StarTimes, NSSF, Multiplex
500 – 2,500110190
2,501 – 5,000150600
5,001 – 15,0005​501,000
15,001 – 30,0006501,600
30,001 – 45,0007502,100
45,001 – 60,0008502,800
60,001 – 125,0009503,700
125,001 – 250,000
250,001 – 500,000
500,001 – 1,000,0003,3506,300
2,000,001- 4,000,0005,7506,300
4,000,001- ​7,000,0005,7506,300

MTN Mobile money Uganda withdraw charges (From Agent and ATM)

Withdraw Cash
From AgentFrom ATM
500 – 2,500350
2,501 – 5,0004801,150
5,001 – 15,0007701,150
15,001 – 30,0009701,150
30,001 – 45,0001,350
45,001 – 60,0001,650
60,001 – 125,0002,1502,150
125,001 – 250,000
250,001 – 500,000
500,001 – 1,000,00013,75011,950
2,000,001- 4,000,00025,000
4,000,001- ​7,000,00025,000

What is the daily transaction limit on MTN Mobile Money?

MTN Mobile Money has listed the limit of transaction as UGX 7,000,000. Beyond this, one cannot make another transaction. They would be required to wait for after 24 hours, which is the following day, in order to make another transaction using the same mobile money account.

Is there a fee when Paying for Goods and services using MTN MoMo pay

Making a Mobile Money payment for goods and services, a service also known as MoMo Pay, is FREE. A merchant does not add an extra charge when a customer makes this payment.

The Maximum and Minimum Account Balance on MTN Mobile Money

Maximum Mobile Money Account Balance is UGX 15,000,000

Minimum Mobile Money Account Balance is UGX 0

MTN Uganda Roaming Charges

Roaming charges are charges which are made on an customer who is using a sim card in another country. Networks like MTN allow for roaming, where a user in another country i.e the UK can continue using their MTN line.

When an MTN Uganda customer is in another country where roaming on MTN is accepted, the charges on their mobile money transactions will be automatically added to the local charges, which might double up a bit, in some instances.

Here are the Mobile Money SMS charges on MTN for roaming customers;

Transaction typeNumber of SMSsCharge Inclusive TAX (in UShs)
Buying airtime2111
Send MTN Mobile Money to a registered number2111
Send MTN Mobile Money to unregistered mobile user4222
Send MTN Mobile Money to unregistered non-mobile user2111
Bill payments4222

NB: MTN Mobile Money generates charges for the SMS services that a customer performs while roaming. These charges often apply as additional charges to the transaction fee(s). These will be automatically charges from the customer’s airtime account. For these roaming charges, see Table above.

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How to register for/activate MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) service in Uganda

  • Visit the nearest authorized MTN store.
  • Your SIM card should be Mobile Money-enabled. If it’s not, ask for it to be enabled.
  • The agent shall see you through the registration process
  • They will have you fill a physical registration form/slip. You should have a valid National ID/Passport/Driver’s license/Company ID/Government ID/Tax Certificate/LC Certificate/Voter’s Card.
  • The agent will help you complete your registration by opening your Mobile Money Account.


  • You can download the registration form from
  • Fill out the form
  • Take it to the nearest MTN service store
  • Take with you a copy of your National ID and passport photo.


  • Scan a copy of the registration form plus your ID and passport photo, and email them to [email protected].

Note: Registration for MTN Mobile Money service is free of charge.

List of FREE transactions/services allowed via MTN Mobile Money

  • Depositing money on MTN Mobile Money
  • Buying data bundles through MTN Mobile Money for yourself
  • Buying data bundles through MTN Mobile Money for others
  • Buying Airtime from MTN Mobile Money for yourself
  • Buying Airtime from MTN Mobile Money for others
  • Checking Balance
  • Changing PIN
  • Registration on MTN Mobile Money


The MTN Mobile Money is a virtual wallet that keeps the money for MTN customers safe and easily accessible. It has so far proven safe for all transactions. In 2014, this was news. Fast forward, 2020 now… This is more than the new normal. Welcome aboard.

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