MTN Uganda introduces Data OTT Bundle – How to pay (Step-by-Step)

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Not long after Airtel Uganda introduced its new Data OTT bundle, that MTN Uganda also joined in line.

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This new MTN Uganda data OTT bundle is packaged to contain both Data and OTT, the tax charged by URA on all social media users.

MTN Uganda’s ardent uses of VPN, the chase is no-more – paying for OTT has been made easy. You don’t have to go through the hustle of paying Over The Top (OTT) Tax with all these hectic steps, BUT rather purchase a two-in-one Data & OTT bundle.

Just like Airtel Uganda’s Data OTT Bundle, this MTN Uganda Data OTT Bundle can only be paid with Mobile Money (Make no mistake of loading airtime in a bid to pay it)

For now, the available bundles are DAILY bundles. Maybe MTN shall include other weekly and monthly Data OTT Bundles.

All valid for 24 hours.

Dial *165*75# to activate.

  • 50MB costs UGX: 750
  • 125MB costs UGX: 1500
  • 400MB costs UGX: 3000
  • 1GB costs UGX: 5000

Since the OTT Bundle lasts for 24 Hours, the validity of your subscription will be 24-hours. No need to worry that the OTT Bundle will get depleted at midnight, this changed and the OTT validity extended to 24-hours.

The Logic behind the MTN Uganda Data OTT Bundle.

The Data OTT bundles have been redefined, and the logic on how they were fashioned is different from that of Airtel Uganda.

For the 1GB that costs UGX:5000, it was left as it has normally been without adding any tax charges (Probably to attract purchasers)

A normal 300MB MTN Uganda Data bundle costs UGX: 2000, BUT this was increased to 400MB and the cost to UGX: 3000 for the Data OTT Bundle.

The question is, is it expensive? Yes, it is, BUT for more!

The concept was to increase the number of bundles as well as including the OTT tax. This is what was followed by the 125MB and 50MB.

Airtel might want to think about redefining their pricing to see how to attract their customers to this new Data OTT Bundle.

NOTE: It is not mandatory to buy the OTT Data bundles. This is why the bundles that do not include OTT still exist so that every client can purchase what suits them best.

If you buy an OTT bundle and use up the data but OTT is still valid you can activate the usual bundles and still use up your 24hour OTT.


Beyond the monthly OTT tax payment, MTN Uganda introduced the Quarterly and Yearly (Annual) OTT Tax payment option.

For those who are tired of the daily hustle to pay OTT, all these three options are there for you.

Dial *165*2*8# and follow the prompts.


Dial *165*75#

Select bundle Option

Enter your Mobile Money Pin Code to purchase Data OTT Bundle. You’ll receive a confirmation message confirming the purchased OTT Bundle.