The Cheapest mobile data bundles in Uganda by Lycamobile

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Lycamobile is a UK-based mobile virtual network operator operating in 23 countries, Uganda being the 23rd and newest entrant. Telecom launched in Uganda earlier in the year 2020.

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As you can expect from any Telecom, the company offers services ranging from SMS, Voice, and mobile data bundles.

Lycamobile is offering very affordable rates for SMS and Voice calls compared to what’s being provided from the older telecom giants. Well, this is expected from a new player in the game, let’s just hope it doesn’t deteriorate after a short time.

Other than the SMS and Voice rates, Lycamobile is offering insanely cheap mobile data bundles. This is definitely getting them ahead of the competitors especially in this period where most of the people are keeping indoors.


What are Lycamobile’s data plans?

At the moment, Lycamobile is only offering plans for Daily, Weekly, and Monthly periods but I believe it’s just a matter of time for the company to introduce quarterly, yearly and other plans.

But it’s not only about the data bundles, all monthly and weekly data plans are bundled with other offers which include, International voice calls, Lyca to Lyca voice calls, SMS bundles to any network within the country, International SMS bundles, and Lyca to Lyca SMS bundles.

Lycamobile Monthly data plans

DataPrice (UGX)
(Students pay 30,000)

Lycamobile Weekly data plans

DataPrice (UGX)

Lycamobile Daily data plans

DataPrice (UGX)

What about the Internet speed?

Users are getting 4G connection speeds in areas where it is supported. Some users have reported connection speeds of between 10Mb/s to 14Mb/s which I would call good for a 4G connection in Uganda.

But some users have reported slower speeds of about 2Mb/s which is not a typical speed for a 4G network but still does decent browsing. A possible reason could be that some areas are not yet fully supported since we’re talking about a new company.

You can check your Internet speed with this tool and tell us about it down in the comments.

Where can I get a Lycamobile sim card?

Lycamobile stores are majorly located in the Central region of Uganda.

All you need is a national ID to get a sim card and start browsing.

Here’s a map showing the various store locations of Lycamobile stores.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the only Lycamobile office open is the main office located in Kampala, Opposite Garden City. View location here

Lycamobile Network coverage

Although the stores are majorly concentrated in the Central region of the country, Lycamobile’s network coverage covers the whole country as shown in the image below.

Lycamobile network coverage in Uganda

So as long as you have your sim card, you need not worry about the network. The company is leveraging on the already established Telecom infrastructure.

How to buy data bundles on Lycamobile

Many of you are now worried about top-ups since many people are used to buying data bundles using Airtel and Mobile money wallets.

Well, you won’t find any hard time buying data bundles on Lycamobile, because you can do this with your Airtel, MTN, Africell and UTL mobile money wallets.

Follow these steps to buy data bundles on MTN mobile money: (Dail the same code for all the other networks)

  • From the sim card which has your funds, dial *252#
  • Choose Airtime and Bundles
  • Select internet Bundles
  • Choose Lycamobile from the list of supported networks
  • Enter your Lycamobile phone number
  • Select the package you want to subscribe to

If you’d like to know about the SMS and Voice rates for Lycamobile, see this page.