8 Mobile Apps for Mindful Eating

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This post reveals 8 mobile apps for mindful eating.

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We all want to be healthy. Such that we are strong and energetic and happy. When we are not healthy, we become sick! Sickness makes us weak and less energetic. We do not want that for ourselves.

But then it is not just a matter of wanting to be healthy. We also have to know how to be healthy such that we put into practice those habits that will benefit our bodies In the long run.

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The food we eat and the way we mind to eat it could make us healthy. Here are the top 8 mobile apps for mindful eating:


a) Lasta

Lasta mindful eating app is the best way to lead a healthy regimen. With the help of this application, you will implement the best and most mindful eating habits. It can help you avoid food cravings and emotions and be able to enjoy your food. If you want to lose weight, incorporating mindfulness-based eating practice is the most effective method. Among the main features of Lasta are mindful eating, meal planning, intermittent fasting as well as water, weight, and fasting trackers.

b) UnDiet Your Mind

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With this mobile app, you are finding body acceptance and becoming an inherent Eater.


– You are getting to learn from non-diet, Intuitive Eating, and HAES-aligned experts from around the world
– You are provided with Lessons, Courses, and Meditations covering every aspect of UnDieting
– Access to new content every Monday
– Connecting with the community, getting support, and meeting other UnDieters

Get it on from the Apple Store. You can also download the app from the Google Play Store on Android devices.

c) Shutterbite

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The Shutterbite app helps you Build better eating habits and improve your relationship with food using a mindful approach to eating


– Firstly, shutterbite takes a different approach that focuses on the eating habits that you have instead of focusing on the things that you eat. 
– Secondly, you get to track what you eat using only a picture—no calorie counting or searching for meals. 
– Thirdly, you get to track your eating habits using detailed stat tracking without the app.

Download and install it on Android or on iOS.

d) Eat Right Now

Eat RIght Now app - healthy eating apps - ugtechmag.com

With this mobile app, you can form good eating habits you feel good about. With this app, you can transform your relationship with food through accessible, daily practices scientifically proven to reduce craving-related eating.


– You get access to daily video lessons and guided mindfulness exercises.
– You also get access to a supportive community of people who offer understanding and accountability.
– Real-time check-ins to keep you on track with your goals.

You can get this app on iOS or Android.

e) Mindful Eating Coach

Mindful Eating Coach app - ugtechmag.com

With the Mindful Eating Coach app, you get to train yourself to eat mindfully.


– First, the app walks you through the steps of making a decision to eat or NOT eat.
– Secondly, the app prompts you to remember how hungry you were, why you ate, and how you feel NOW about what and how much you ate. 
– Thirdly, whenever you tap on the calendar you can see a summary for the past month of your fullness ratings. The color of the day tells you if you are making progress (light orange) or if on this day you did well; you always stopped before you got moderately full (green).

Download the Android or iOS version of the app, and install it on your device.

f) Am I hungry

Am I hungry - mindful eating app - ugtechmag.com

What this app offers you is the ability to differentiate between physical hunger and whether your body really needs calories, or if you eat to cope with stress which is called emotional eating, or maybe you are feeling the social hunger that appears as a result of social pressure.


– It is effective in helping you improve your food habits
– It is easy to use

Get the Am I Hungry app on iOS and Android.

g) Mindful eating tracker

The Mindful eating tracker app - apps for mindful eating - ugtechmag.com

This app helps you control your hunger and maintain a positive attitude toward the whole concept of nutrition.


– It keeps track of your weight
– It monitors your eating habits

You can access the Mindful eating tracker app on iOS. The app is currently not available on Android.

h) Jinglow

This app is curated more toward helping those with eating disorders. The app lets you concentrate your thoughts on the present and be fully present at the moment while you are eating.


– Has sounds that improve your mood and inner peace
– It reduces symptoms of eating disorders

The app is available only on iOS.

i) Mindful Bite

This application was created to make the users think more about the food while they are eating and to make the whole experience more pleasant and joyful. 


– It is easy to use
– Most users claim it has worked for them

Get it on iOS.

apps for mindful eating - ugtechmag.com


Those are the top 8 mobile apps for mindful eating. Minding about what enters your body is very helpful. Though there are other things you could add to mix things up, for instance exercising too is helpful. Asides from that, eat mindfully!