The 5 Best Mind stimulating Games that you can Play on your Mobile Phone

The 5 Best Mind stimulating Games that you can Play on your Mobile
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We could be siblings just because we prefer mind-stimulating games to racing games. With a game app on your mobile phone, you can get your brain tinkering. You doubting, right? This article will change the perception.

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According to Cleveland Clinic, brain stimulation is a medical procedure that involves a mild electrical current delivered to a specific part of your brain. The electricity in that current stimulates the brain cells in that area, which can help several conditions. The current reaches your brain through one or more wires attached to a small device implanted underneath your skin near your collarbone. Now the games listed below will not give you a fizzy feeling of electricity passing through your head, no. Rather they stimulate your brain and improve cognitive abilities and functions like memory, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Here are some reasons why these games are important.

  • They can help to increase focus, concentration, and memory.
  • They can help us to be more present in day-to-day activities.
  • They are also believed to prevent or slow brain cognitive decline and dementia that relates to age.

Let us check out these mind-stimulating games;


Peak is an app-only game that is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store. The game app provides a number of games that sharpen your focus, memory, problem-solving, and the agility of your brain. It further provides an option of seeing how you perform against other users and is free to use but with a premium feature that requires a subscription fee.

All Peak games were invented by neuroscientists and game developers as their aim was to emerge the gaming world with brain functionality. With a friendly user interface, Peak has over 40 unique’s games that can make one focus and puzzle games that build one’s memory. Peak’s personal trainer enables users to locate the right workout at the right time.


The 5 Best Mind stimulating Games that you can Play on your Mobile

As we transition and embrace technology advancements, so is the gaming world. Previously, you had to wait for the newspaper edition to play your favorite Sudoku game. Things have changed, you can now have this game on your mobile and access it at any time.

Sudoku is a brain game that focuses and sharpens short-term memory with a bit of numerical knowledge. It involves predictions, following trails, and anticipating consequences. Think of it as numerical chess aimed at sharpening short-term memory, focus, and concentration. The game has varying levels of difficulty with the harder levels having more boxes to fill out, hence more brain activity. Be sure to start out with the easier levels and try the harder ones with time.

Sudoku is an easy-to-access game that you can play on an app, online, or in your favorite newspaper. You can also download it on your handset from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.


In 2014, Elevate was voted Apple’s best app of the year in the United States. Elevate is an app that functions simultaneously on all mobile phones. The games encompass up to 35 mini-brain training games that center on speech improvement, reading, literature, mathematics, and memory. The beauty of Elevate is that it gives you the freedom to choose which areas you want to focus on and train more. It also lets you track your progress to see how to better your skills are getting.

Elevate is a five-star free app that has in-app purchases and can be accessed from the Apple Store and Google Play Store.


The 5 Best Mind stimulating Games that you can Play on your Mobile

Unlike the games and collections mentioned before, Braingle is a free website and not an application available for installation. Braingle boasts of having the best brain teasers and has more than 200,000 members who look to sharpen their brain functionality. On the Braingle website, users get access to 15,000 games, puzzles, and a vast variety of brain teasers.

The platform further also avails you an option to develop and create your own puzzles so you can personalize your brain workouts. It includes optical illusions, codes, ciphers, and trivia quizzes.

Scrabble Go

The 5 Best Mind stimulating Games that you can Play on your Mobile

Use Scrabble Go to improve your vocabulary and test your concentration. Scrabble has lots of fun and you can play with friends, family, or strangers. The game is in no way complicated and basically involves building words with a definitive meaning using letter blocks. Some blocks score more marks than others but this means it is harder to build words with these particular blocks.

You can play scrabble on board at social gatherings, online with strangers, or against the computer. Download the application from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Wrap-Up: Personally, I fancy mind-stimulating games, there is a rare concentration and calmness I gain as am playing a game. And this is not because they are all that fun but because they condition my brain to think more and I always get sharper. Jump on the bandwagon, and come explore the gaming world with the best mind-stimulating games listed above.