Here are 6 mind-blowing innovations from Uganda (by Ugandans)

Innovations from Uganda (By Ugandans) -
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There are most likely a lot of things you’re curious about by the time you find this article and one of those is about world inventions and innovations.

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We’ve all heard about Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and all those amazing minds in history. However, haven’t we missed out on some of the most incredible small things that have happened here at home? You got that right; this article is all about the most mind-blowing innovations in Uganda. Remember that this is not a list of world records, but new inventions. Just make sure you read to the bottom.


#1. Matibabu – 2 minute Malaria Diagnosis

Here are 6 mind-blowing innovations from Uganda (by Ugandans) -

In 2020, a Ugandan geek, Brian Gitta discovered a way to test and diagnose malaria within 2 minutes. Stored within a small metal casing, the device can be carried over the shoulder. One is simply required to open and slide their finger through an alcove. The test results appear on the doctor’s computer or telephone screen. By diffusing light and magnetism, a clinician can almost instantly distinguish red blood cells infected with plasmodium (a malaria vector parasite) from healthy red blood cells.

Here are 6 mind-blowing innovations from Uganda (by Ugandans) -

This can be directly related to the previous example because it’s the same. What’s special is that this 2-minute malaria diagnosis device doesn’t draw blood from someone? Gitta developed the device after realizing the limitations of blood-based tests. He suffered from malaria himself, which went undiagnosed even after several blood tests.

#2. Xente

If you’re not an enthusiastic business person, You’re probably wondering what we’re talking about. Well, worry no more! It is almost easy to mistake their logo for Xender; except this isn’t a wicked-fast file sharing app. On the contrary, Xente is a Financial Technology (Fintech) company offering an account to businesses in Africa and one of the most used innovations from Uganda by a Ugandan. The platform was made by Allan Rwakatungu in 2017. According to Xente, an account has features like Corporate Visa, cards, virtual Visa cards, mobile money, bank transfers, expense management, credit – and more in a single, easy-to-use, secure software platform.

#3. The Portable M-Scan

Here are 6 mind-blowing innovations from Uganda (by Ugandans) -

In 2021, Phyllis Kyomuhendo invented the M-Scan machine that helped pregnant mothers do ultrasound scans at an affordable cost. The device is incredibly as powerful as the standard ultrasound scan machine but as small as a charger. The device can be connected to a laptop or phone to see the status of the baby in the womb. Phyllis said she was inspired by the suffering and death of teenage mothers.

#4. The SafeBoda application

Before any doubt crosses your mind, the SafeBoda app was solely made by a Ugandan named Rapa Thomson Ricky. The app currently offers transportation, mobile wallet, and transaction services around Kampala and the suburbs. Surprisingly, this app was completely embraced by Uganda though they have a notoriousness of rejecting online services. With their amazing campaigns, Ugandans keep loving the app and it has remained relevant since Boda Bodas are the most convenient travel means in the town areas of Kampala.

#5. The Kiira-EV

Here are 6 mind-blowing innovations from Uganda (by Ugandans) -

Gone are the days when electronic technology was associated with a particular race! Also, we might soon say bye-bye to car importation in Uganda! Behold, The Kiira EV, the first-ever vehicle made in Uganda, a beautiful East African state.

The KIIRA EV is a 5-seater front-wheel-drive sedan with a traction motor powered by a rechargeable battery bank and an internal combustion engine-based generator. It is the first Electric Hybrid Vehicle designed and built-in Africa. This configuration of two power sources ensures an unlimited range and increases the efficiency of the powertrain, hence enhancing fuel economy.

#6. U-Report


You probably forgot about it, because it hasn’t been so common recently. However, U-Report is a service that allows you (Ugandans) to speak out about the things affecting you to the authorities. There are currently 550,977 people who use the platform to speak out about the national issues affecting them.

Launched in 2011, U-report is a free SMS-based platform that allows Ugandans to report on issues affecting them and their communities as well as to get real-time information and feedback on new initiatives or campaigns. 

After registering for free by texting the word ‘join’ to 8500, U-reporters receive weekly polls asking for their opinions on issues such as health care, education, protection, and other available services in their communities.

Answers are analyzed and displayed on a public dashboard. They are then mapped according to the district level and compiled on a national level. Results are shared with all U-reporters. Emerging issues are explored further via additional questions and responses.

Those are some of the most amazing innovations from Uganda. Are there some we missed out on? Mention them in the comment section!