Milima Cyber Academy passes out 40 Professionals & advocates in cybersecurity

Milima cyber academy
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Milima Cyber Academy, a specialized training center has taken up arms to train professionals in cybersecurity.

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At the Milima WhiteHat Day, Information security training firm, Milima Cyber Academy, on Friday December 6, passed-out over 40 professionals from its previous four cohorts that had undergone rigorous training in fortifying information/data and cybersecurity Advocacy

Mrs. Angella Tugume, a Risk Analyst at NITA-U applauded the women that had nurtured their career in information security after a successful demo session directed by one, Ms. Jonard Tusasirwe.

“I am delighted that we have women in the house tonight scaling to the top in ICT; Uganda needs YOU, This is an opportunity to grow an all-inclusive ICT sector that will steer the country,” said Mrs. Tugume.

She, however, challenged the professionals to understand that information security is paramount for the safety of many lives whose data lies in their custody.

Milima Cyber academy, a training arm of Milima Technologies, opened doors to the public in February 2019 in its efforts to build the skills among professionals in detecting & combating cyber threats subsequent to an identified knowledge-gap.

Noah Balessanvu, Chairman of the National Information Security Advisor Group (NISAG) Uganda, urged the newly passed-out professionals to create awareness for the need for cyber-security as the digital age makes a major-sweep.

“It is shocking to realize that even the most elite and trained cyber-security experts, like myself, continue to fall prey to cyber-attacks. I even wonder what could happen to a novice or unaware user, the imaginable,” said Balessanvu, a cyber-security, and crypto-currency enthusiast.

Milima cyber academy

Mark Akampereza, one of the newly-passed out professionals, expressed his delight acknowledging the impact registered since he signed-up for Fundamental of Cyber Security (FCS), a course at Milima Cyber Academy.

As an IT infrastructure engineer, I have been able to appreciate information security. Being a part of this program offered me insight that have enabled me deliver better at my job and elevated my competence in manning IT systems,” said Akampereza as he repetitively nodded in appreciation

Held under the theme; celebrating the Rise of Cyber-Security Professionals, the Milima White-Hat Day is an annual ceremony that seeks to bring together Milima Cyber Academy Alumni and industry experts to grow a synergy and network of information security advocates.  

In the closing remarks, Emmanuel Chagara, challenged the professionals to continuously learn, unlearn and relearn to stay ahead of information security saboteurs that rip firms off millions of dollars casting clouds in their work environments.

The information security skills-gap is mammoth! This is the opportunity for you to take charge and communicate your relevance and confidence in creating an impact that’s long overdue. As you pass-out today, acknowledge you have had the opportunity not many receive. Congratulations,” said Chagara.

About Milima Cyber Academy

Milima Cyber Academy is a specialized Cybersecurity training academy redefining professional skilling through hands-on training programs. The Academy is joining hands with industry experts from both the private and government sectors to help close the looming shortage of specialized Cybersecurity professionals in the industry.