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Imagine if we didn’t have to drive to the doctor and make lines anymore. Well, that time is finally here. It’s the era of accessing services online, while in the comfort of our homes and workplaces. Access to healthcare services has been greatly improved through the manipulation of technology.

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Innovation has played the magic. Applications have now been developed, websites have been put up to make work easy for both the patient and the health care service provider. This has also generally expanded access to medical services. There has created an easy and effective coordination of health workers and patients, both globally and locally. In Uganda today, there are a number of online medical platforms and apps that play a major role in the delivery of healthcare services.


Medical apps/Websites in Uganda

#1. Rockethealth

Rocket health is a licensed clinic that’s fully registered and includes lab and pharmacy, and operates in a mobile manner to deliver medical services at the convenience of your home or office.

After you sign up, the doctor will pick up the phone when you call on their toll-free number or contact them via WhatsApp, and listen to your needs. They will advise you. the lab team can always come to you, take some tests and the results can be delivered to you afterward. Still, the doctor will get back you after doing an of your tests and they will talk to you about your results

The pharmacy team will deliver your medicine and a team from the lab will come with your results. When your medicine is delivered to you, you will get a clear explanation on how you are to take it. The team will also discuss with you the costs, and the doctor will check on you after a few days to follow up on your improvement.

Here is a beginner’s guide to using Rocket health online pharmacy in Uganda.

To get started;

  • Send am SMS of the word JOIN to 8080.

For more information, call 0800100700.

Medical apps/Websites in Uganda
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#2. Seven Doctors App

Seven doctors is a telemedicine application in Uganda. It connects patients to doctors. The app consists of functions such as chat, where one can consult the doctor, book appointments, access health tips, and reminders anytime.

The doctor will get to know your concern and get back to you accordingly. The prescription of the medicine is sent to the patient’s email, after consultation. If the doctor needs to see you physically, they may ask you to book an appointment such that further assessment can be done.

The patient can share pictures of results from a previous test, share audios or videos which can help to inform the doctor’s decision. The one consulting can also record a small video of a place on the body where the harm could be.

The booking has categories; the patient will be able to choose the doctor of their choice, depending on their problem. For instance, if the patient has a gynecological problem, they will choose to consult a gynecologist.

This app also caters to people in upcountry areas who hardly interface with medical doctors.

Here is a full guide on how to use Seven Doctors app.

To get started;

  • Install SEVEN DOCTORS APP from App Store or Play store
  • Create your account.
  • Ask a doctor. Choose a specialist of your choice.
  • The app allows for cashless consultation. Top up your account and enjoy the benefits
  • You can call or whats-app a doctor for health advice.
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#3. Afya_pap

If you are living with high blood pressure or diabetes, and are struggling to manage your condition and are also worried about the cost of your health, the Afya Pap app was created to empower you through education and coaching.

You can download the app from Google Play store

To get started;

  • Visit Google play store on your phone and search Afya Pap.
  • Go ahead and sign up for your account by adding your details, among which you will have to add your MTN Mobile number.
  • Once you are signed in, you will be ready to use Afya Pap.
  • You can even pay for Afya Pap subscription using MTN Momo.

How to pay for Afya Pap using MTN Momo

  • Open the Afya Pap app
  • Click on Subscribe
  • Select Add 1 Month by clicking on UGX 4000 and then select Continue.
  • Choose Mobile Money and click Continue.
  • Select Continue again and confirm payment.
  • You will be prompted to enter your MTN Mobile Money PIN.
  • Once you’ve entered your PIN, you will be ready to enjoy Afya Pap.

#4. GoGP+

The services of the GoGP+ app are now in Uganda. Initially, it wasn’t available for Uganda. It will link the doctor to the patients remotely without any trouble.

GoGP+ is a telemedicine app in Uganda that connects those in need through video chats. Patients can also consult the doctor using texts. This app allows for the upload of medical documents such as lab results, past medical documents.

This app is available on the Google Play store, the iPhone users should hang in there.

Getting started with GOGP+

  • Download the GOGP+ app from Play Store
  • Go ahead and sign up through registration then log in with your email and password.
  • Select the specialist you’re interested in.
  • Consulting a general practitioner is UGX 15,000, whereas another consultant is UGX 30,000.
  • Connect with the doctor via video chat or text.
  • The prescription shall be sent to the patient’s email after consultation.
  • The patient shall access all their medical files as all records shall go to the patient’s personal medical file.
Get access to telemedicine - Medical apps in Uganda

#5. BYON8

Formerly known as Aitopya, the app is available on both Play Store and App store.

With BYON8, you are assured of free health checks, customized recommendations.

You can chat with the doctor once you have the app installed and have signed up and logged into your account.

Once you have the consultation, you will get your prescription from the doctor.

Medical apps/websites in Uganda


Our perception of healthcare being a delayed service has been brought to an end, with the available apps and easier platforms from which to access health care. Medical apps bring healthcare closer to you, on your smartphone. The future of telemedicine is quite bright, we hope to add more platforms to this list. If you have any stories to tell about medical status, talk to the doctors on your app, let us hope they’ll be available to listen and offer appropriate feedback. Share with us your experience on how that goes, otherwise, Stay Safe and healthy.