Matatu App Review – How to download and play matatu

matatu app review
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I recently bought a Tecno spark 2 ( you can read its review here ) and decided to download my favorite matatu game on Play store . I had initially used the mobile game and later decided to abandon it ( not by choice ) .

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Matatu game is one of Uganda’s best gaming mobile applications with over 200,000 downloads according to Google play stats .  Matatu is a two player card game.

Have you been wondering  who the founders of this addictive application are ? How can you download or play matatu online ?

As part of our unbiased series of reviews , we are going to provide you with all those answers from a consumers perceptive .


Matatu Game App – The Story.

matatu app

The Android gaming application was founded by two students by then,  Daniel Okalany and Jasper Zed and has seen success since its very first week of launching in 2011.

The application is perhaps one of the most downloaded android applications on the Ugandan tech Scene .

According to Kola Studios the founding and gaming company , the application has got over 200,000 downloads in the space of 7 years .

To date the gaming application is expected to be boosting over 90,000 monthly active users and 20,000 daily users every day .

A total of up to 600,000 games is expected to be played every day with 80% Ugandans .

With that overwhelming success in a country such as Uganda where Internet penetration is still a burden and government sees opportunities in taxing access to some services online. It’s enough to conclude that matatu app is a very popular app in Uganda .

Design and Make of Matatu App .

The addictive game was designed with simplicity in mind . The mobile application is very easy to open and loads games in a matter of seconds . You can choose to play a Classic , Joker or 2 Player game with much ease .

In fact you don’t need a manual to understand how to play matatu if you’re familiar with the tradition matatu game .

You can also change the matatu play theme from a number of available themes in the Customize section.

The application doesn’t require Internet access to play the classic or joker games . However you may need Internet to play online players .

Though what i didn’t understand about the application was how often people use matatu to play cards online . The application takes forever to find a second player online .

Regardless , i was very convinced with the other two addictive matatu games ( Classic & Joker ) .

The gaming application has got a special section that sorts out your top 10 best games of the week .

How to download and Play Matatu Champion game Android

You can download matatu from Google play store and sign up with your Gmail or any other mail account to play cards .

After downloading and installing the application on your smart phone , tap the Matatu app icon on the home screen to open it .

The application opens with a beautiful brownish theme and easy to navigate interface ( menu ) . There are a total of three matatu game categories you can select from and tap to play .

matatu app review

The classic matatu game is a normal card game without jokers unlike the Joker version which contains Jokers . The 2 Player category allows you to load and play cards with online matatu players .

To play a matatu game , simply tap on any category of your choice and app will load the game . You can play the cards by simply swiping them forward and back .  The first player to finish their cards is the winner .

matatu app game review

You can try what i am saying from here .

How does Matatu App make money .

Just like all other players , you may be wondering how matatu app makes money . In the section below we take a look at some of the ways matatu app developers make money .

In App advertising .

matatu app review

The application makes money by placing adverts on players cards and in the side bar during the playing game mode . In fact they also add a few advert text in the middle of the players table .

This type of advertising makes money to developers in form of pay per impression . The developers are in position to track the number of games played and determine the user impression .

Rewards .

At some point , matatu app allows its users to deposit money and play games with various money matches .

If the user wins they can withdraw their money via mobile money . Am not very familiar with how this one makes the developers money since i couldn’t located the feature in my matatu app .

Download Matatu for Mobile.

Matatu app is available on play store for free . To download the gaming mobile application simply follow the link below .

Download Matatu for android Free .


Matatu App is no doubt one of the most popular and best gaming applications here in Uganda . If you want to try it out , simply download and install the app from play store and enjoy .