Make your work faster with Windows keyboard shortcuts

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With this article, you will be able to learn how to make your work faster with Windows keyboard shortcuts.

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What is a keyboard shortcut?

A keyboard shortcut is a sequence or combination of keystrokes that perform a command in software.

Have you ever asked yourself how much time you spend on your computer? I believe you spend a lot of time especially if your work involves using the computer most of the hours.

What if you could reduce the time you spend doing the tasks with your computer yet you’re actually increasing your productivity.

According to a study by Brainscape, active computer users waste 64 hours to 8 days a year if they don’t use keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts will save you the time that always use to move your cursor continuously around your screen looking for onscreen controls. Give an instance where you have over 10 open windows on your screen but you want to access your desktop, most people will minimize the windows one by one until all the windows are done. But this same task can be done by merely pressing Win + M. This could save up to 5 seconds. 

Make your work easier and more productive by mastering the following Windows Keyboard shortcuts.

General Windows keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcutAction Performed
Ctrl + CCreates a duplicate of the selected file or highlighted text in the clipboard(Copies a file or text)
Ctrl + VPastes the copied file or text to the selected location
Ctrl + XMoves the selected file or highlighted text from the current location to the clipboard as it awaits to be pasted to the destination.
Ctrl + ZUndoes the most recent operation, for example, revert text to the previous format or restore a recently deleted file
Ctrl + YRedoes the previous operation.
Alt + F4Closes the current window. (Prompts for saving in case of a document that's currently not saved).

Can be used to shut down the computer after closing all the windows.
Ctrl + ASelect all files in a folder or select all text in a document.
Windows logo key + LLocks the account of the current user. Can also be used to switch accounts.
Windows logo key + Tab or Alt + TabUsed to navigate through currently open windows.
Windows logo key + DDisplays or hides the desktop.
Windows logo key + AOpens the Action center
Ctrl + WCloses the active window
Ctrl + NOpens a new file explorer window.
F5 Refreshes the current window including browser tabs
Ctrl + Alt + DeleteOpens security options which include Sign Out, Lock, Task Manager and Switch User
Shift + deletePermanently deletes the selected item.

File Explorer Windows keyboard shortcuts

BackspaceNavigates to a previous location in the file explorer
F2Edits name of the currently selected file for renaming
Alt + DSelects the address bar
Ctrl + F or Ctrl + ESelects the search bar
Alt + EnterOpens the properties window of the currently selected file
Alt + Right arrowOpens the next folder
Alt + right arrowOpens the previous folder
backspaceopens the previous folder
F11Maximizes or minimizes the window

VLC Windows keyboard shortcuts

SpacebarPlays or pauses a video
FToggles the player to either display a full screen and reverse
AMakes changes in the aspect ratio of the video. Some videos may not in the window automatically, therefore, you might need to change to the appropriate  aspect ratio
Alt + left arrow and Alt + right arrowForwards a video by a few seconds or move backward
Ctrl + arrow up and Ctrl + arrow downIncreases or decreases the volume of the video
MMutes the video(removes sound)
TShows the timer(currently elapsed and the remaining time)
SStops the video(closes the video)
ZZooms the video
Ctrl + HHides VLC player controls

Windows keyboard shortcuts for a document

Ctrl + ZUndoes an the most recent operation
Ctrl + YRedoes the most recent operation
Ctrl + WCloses the document.(prompts for saving before closing the document)
Ctrl + BMakes the selected text bold
Ctrl + IMakes the selected text Italic
Ctrl + UUnderlines the selected text
Ctrl + Rmoves the cursor to the right of the document
Ctrl + Lmoves the cursor to the left of the document
Ctrl + Shift + AFormats all the selected text to capital letters
Ctrl + CCopies the selected text (creates a duplicate of the selected text on the clipboard)
Ctrl + XCuts the selected text (does not create a duplicate copy but rather moves the text from current location)
Ctrl + VPastes text from the clipboard