How to Make a Reverse Call on Telkom Kenya

Make a reverse call on Telkom Kenya
Photo Credit: Telkom Kenya
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Do you want to make a reverse call on Telkom Kenya? If you do, then continue reading this guide. The reverse call is a service that enables a Telkom subscriber to make calls with or without airtime and the call charges are cleared by the receiver. All the caller has to do is press the reverse call code followed by the number, the recipient will receive the call showing the caller details. However, upon picking up the call, they will be notified that they will incur the charges, it is now up to them to accept or decline the reverse call. If they accept, then the call request will be successful and the charges will be activated depending on talk time using normal call rates.

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Make a Reverse Call on Telkom Network

1. Launch the phone app.

2. Then dial 128 followed by the Telkom number you wish to call for example 12807XXXXXXXX where XXXX represents the digits of the phone number.

3. Click/press the call button then patiently wait for the receiver to make the decision to either answer the call or decline the all.

Make a reverse call on Telkom Kenya
Photo Credit: Telkom Kenya

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How the Reverse Call Works

1. The call cost is affiliated with the call receiver rather than the caller.

2. You can only make reverse calls between Telkom Kenya subscribers. This service is unavailable for international calls and other Kenyan telecom companies.

3. The receiver will have a choice to make prompting from the call notification. They can choose to Accept or Decline the call. Normal call rate charges will be activated if the receiver accepts the call. However, the call will be disconnected if the receiver fails to take any action or if the decline button is clicked.

4. The service is available to all Telkom Kenya subscribers.

5. You can use this service even when you have calling resources like airtime and voice minutes.


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