List of M-kopa Shops in Uganda

M-kopa shops in Uganda
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Are you looking for the M-KOPA shop outlet near you? M-kopa offers pay-as-you-go services for products like solar panels, phones, and TV sets in Uganda. If you want to purchase M-kopa products, you will need to visit one of their authorized shop outlets. We comprehend the hard time you have to go through to locate genuine telecom outlets so you can access reliable products and services. This article shows you a detailed list of M-kopa shops in Uganda.

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M-kopa Shops in Uganda

SC NamePhysical Address
M-KOPA UgandaLubowa Estate, Plot 1300-1301
M-KOPA Shop BugiriMain Street Bugiri, Tororo High Way, Bugiri, Uganda
M-KOPA Shop BusiaUnnamed Road, Busia Uganda, Uganda
M-KOPA Shop EntebbeKampala Road, Entebbe, Uganda
M-KOPA Shop IgangaObuja Road, Iganga, Uganda
M-KOPA Shop Jinja22 Lubas Rd, Jinja, Uganda
M-KOPA Shop KakiriKampala-Hoima Rd, Kakiri, Uganda
M-KOPA Shop Kampala6b Burton St, Kampala, Uganda
M-KOPA Shop KamuliKamuli Rd, Kamuli, Uganda
M-KOPA Shop KibogaOff Kapeke Rd, Kiboga, Uganda
M-KOPA Shop MasakaMuto Complex, Masaka, Uganda
M-KOPA Shop Mbale5 Pallisa, Mbale, Uganda
M-KOPA Shop MbararaKabale – Mbarara Rd, Mbarara, Uganda
M-KOPA Shop MpigiUnnamed Road, Mpigi, Uganda
M-KOPA Shop MukonoMukono Taxi Park, Mukono, Uganda
M-KOPA Shop WobulenziKampala-Masindi, Wobulenzi, Uganda

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