Full list of Lycamobile USSD Codes

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Lycamobile is another new kid on the block, as a new telecom company offering unmatched internet data bundles for its customers. The telecom, which opened its doors in Uganda in early 2019, has been acquiring users at a fast scale like no other network.

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In this article, we decided to bring you a full list of Lycamobile USSD shortcodes that’ll help you buy internet bundles, check data balances, pay for OTT, among other things.

USSD shortcodes allow telecom customers in Uganda to access telecom services such as airtime top-ups, balance inquiries, buying data, sending airtime, paying OTT tax, and many other things. UCC which is Uganda’s institution that regulates telecom companies has been pushing for standardizing of some USSD codes which is evident with the check data balance shortcode which is now standard.

To help you kick start using Lycamobile USSD shortcodes, I have compiled a list of their USSD codes below.

List of Lycamobile USSD Codes in Uganda

Lycamobile main menu*100#
Check airtime balance*131#
Check data balance*131#
Check OTT balance*131#
Buy data bundles & voice bundles*100*1#
To view your number*192#
Lycamobile airtime using MTN or Airtel Mobile Money*217*402# (Free USSD Code-No Airtime Charge)
*252# (Airtime Charge)

How to Buy Airtime Using MTN or Airtel Mobile Money

There are two methods/ USSD codes that can enable Lycamobile subscribers to load data bundles or Buy the airtime from their Airtel money or MTN mobile wallet. Using the *252# USSD code will need you to have airtime on the line that you using and the *217*402# code has no Airtime charge.

Method 1

  • DialĀ *252#.
  • Choose Airtime and Bundles (option 6).
  • Then, select Buy Airtime (option 1).
  • From the options list, choose Lycamobile (option 5).
  • Enter your Lycamobile Number.

Note: You need to have airtime to access this service on your phone using the above USSD code. However, Lycamobile has introduced another free USSD short code that can help you buy Lycamobile airtime and data bundles on both Airtel money and MTN mobile money without any airtime charge. Here is what you have to do;

Method 2

  • Using your MTN or Airtel line, dial *217*402# and press the OK button.
  • Enter your Lycamobile number.
  • Select the period of your data bundle (Monthly, Weekly, and Daily) or Etop if you want to load airtime.
  • Follow the prompts.

Wrap-Up: We shall keep on updating this list to reflect the latest lycamobile shortcodes of the telecom company in Uganda.