How to Lock your Photos App on iPhone

How to Lock your Photos App on
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I have always had an insecurity about handing out my phone. This has been due to several factors including private conversations, browser history, and to a large extent, my media. See, you wouldn’t want someone finding out that you recently googled the causes of that rash on your upper thigh or how to get over an ex. Worse still, if you are in various groups, you can never be sure what kind of media is shared in these groups so to play it safe, your phone should be your phone and yours alone.

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However, what if this is impossible? What if there is an undeniable need to give your phone to someone else and risk it all? What can you do in this case? Well, this article won’t teach you how to get over an ex but it is to teach you how to lock your Photos app on your iPhone.


How to lock your photos app on iPhone.

Did you know you can create a hidden album in the Photos app, move pictures to password-protected notes in the Notes app, or disguise photos in your text messages? Here’s how

Step 1. Open the Photos app on your iPhone.

Step 2. Select an image or video that you would like to put in a locked folder.

Step 3. Tap on the More button in the upper right corner.

Step 4. Now go ahead and select the Hide option from the displayed menu list.

How to Lock your Photos App on

Step 5. The picture/video will be copied into the Hidden folder album in your Photos app. To view the image, go to albums, scroll down to Hidden, enter your passcode or face ID and you will access them.

Method 2: Hide Images in the Photos App

Step 1: Open the Notes app to create a new note by tapping on the new Note icon.

Step 2: The note you have created will always be displayed among the list of notes after it’s locked. Give your note a Name by typing in the text.

Step 3: Tap Add Photo icon above the keyboard at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: A menu will appear then tap Choose Photo or video.

Step 5: Select all photos you wish to add and click Add button at the top right corner.

Step 6: All selected photos are inserted in the Note app file just Tap the three-dot icon at the upper right corner to lock the photos in the note.

Step 7: A menu with different options will be displayed, tap on the lock button and type a password of your choice.

Best app locks for iPhone

Hidden Vault Secret Photo Vault

Hidden Vault is the best secret folder app for iPhone, it stores data( private photos and videos) solely, uses military-grade encryption to store data safely and you can always set up a passcode and Face ID for extra security.


Biolockdown took great strides to improve its features like hiding specific layers hence availing a better experience for locking apps. For instance, if hackers try to access the content of your iPhone, they will only view encrypted data instead of your iPhone content.

Fingerprint Login and Password

Biometric identification helps the fingerprint login to store personal data safely but the fingerprint has to be scanned before accessing the personal data. Either way, you can set up a password to enable you to access locked apps.

Secret Apps Photo Lock

Photo Lock comes with a handy app lock photo gallery that locks your photos ( no one can access your photos without a password) and also triggers the lock mode every time you open other apps like messaging or browser.

Lock Secret Photo Album Vault

Secret Photo Album Vault has a four-digit pin that locks your photo album and it disguises secret photos from the great but the main goal of this app is to safely store your private photos and videos from prying eyes.