How to Lock a WhatsApp Chat on your Android

How to Lock a WhatsApp Chat on your
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Maintaining the privacy of our WhatsApp conversations is of utmost importance, and it is our preference to keep them strictly confidential. In the month of April, WhatsApp introduced an additional safeguard, namely the chat lock feature, aiming to bolster security and enrich user satisfaction. In this guide, we show you to lock a WhatsApp chat on your Android phone.

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What Happens When you Lock a WhatsApp Chat on your Android Phone

  • Contacts for locked chats will be hidden or displayed as WhatsApp: 1 new message in the notification menu.
  • The WhatsApp calls wont be locked. They will ring through as usual.
  • The lock feature won’t sync automatically on other devices unless you set up there as well. For instance if you set up the lock feature on your phone, that chat wont be locked on other devices that your WhatsApp account is logged unto.
  • If you use the backup and restore feature on WhatsApp, your locked chats will still be locked once you restore to a new phone.
  • The feature is exclusively print. No one will know that you locked their chat.

How to Lock a WhatsApp Chat on your Android

1. Start WhatsApp on your phone then head over to the chat you want to lock. If the chat is in the Achieve folder, you must unarchive it first.

2. Now tap on the chat profile to launch chat info.

3. On the Chat info menu, scroll down to and select Chat Lock and enable the option.

4. Select either Lock this chat with fingerprint or Lock This Chat with Face ID. Use what you prefer or lock option supported by your mobile device.

5. Hereafter, the locked chat with be forwarded to the “Locked Chat Folder” just above the achieved chats on WhatsApp. Once you tap on the Locked Chat option, you will have to enter either your Face ID or Finger Print to view the folder.

How to Lock a WhatsApp Chat on your

How to Remove a Chat from the Locked Folder on WhatsApp

  • Head over to the Locked folder option on WhatsApp.
  • Unlock the folder with your Face ID or Finger print.
  • Select the particular chat that you would like to remove from the Locked chat folder.
  • Tap on the profile picture to view the chat info then select Chat Lock and disable the feature.

Wrap Up: The key security option to safeguard your WhatsApp chats is to keep your device’s password secretive. If someone adds their finger print or Face ID to your phone, they can definitely unlock the locked WhatsApp chats.