List of the top 5 technology websites in Uganda.

List of the top 5 technology websites in Uganda .
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There are a handful of technology blogs unlike other niches in Uganda. The blogosphere is still young but I think it’s maturing–one blog at a time. Today am going to share with you some of the top 5 technology websites in Uganda.

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PC Tech is a leading technology Magazine and website in East and West Africa. Published monthly, the magazine features personal and enterprise technology, reviews, interviews, and research on ICTs in Africa.

It also details consumer interests and perspectives on technology across the continent. Beyond technology adoption and usage, the website discusses how private and public businesses/institutions address contemporary business challenges and remain innovative and competitive. The discussions are aimed at enabling other African businesses to learn from best practices and creating avenues for collaboration between these businesses.


Techjaja is a technology blog founded in 2013 and covers the intersection of technology, science, art, and culture from Uganda, Africa, and all over the world. It is an online virtual platform where readers are able to discuss the latest tech news, gadget
reviews, blogs, gaming, IoT, the future of technology, and insights into consumer technology. prides itself on offering thorough informative reporting and long-form feature stories, breaking news coverage, product information, and community content in an amalgamated and cohesive manner. Techjaja endeavors to bring to its readers all tech information from reliable sources that they can quote unless it’s satire.

Ugtechmag is beyond a reasonable doubt one of those few technology blogs in Uganda that is dramatically making it to the list of top 5 technology websites in Uganda. Started in 2017 as, is growing faster and changing technology blogging in Uganda & Africa at the fastest rate. prides itself on setting technology trends as far as its readers and technology community in East and West Africa are concerned. was founded by a computer science student Martin Tumusiime in 2017 as an online platform to share tech articles, reviews on tech products and also provide detailed tutorials on technology. is slowly elevating and providing information to the tech sphere of Uganda and Africa.


GURU8 is another Technology news website in Uganda that has the Latest News, Event updates, reviews and rumors in the Tech world while providing a platform for everyone to interact as well as gain information in reference to technology e.g. phones, laptops, tablets, basically from all form of Gadgets to practice software of all kind. GURU8 has been visible on the Ugandan technology scene and is kindly one of those top 5 technology websites in Uganda.

Dignited is perhaps one of those technology sites you can’t skip mentioning when you talk about the top 5 technology websites in Uganda. The humble beginnings of the blog can be dated back to 2010 during Okwii’s university days as an Engineering student. David Okwii is one of the brains behind this online technology platform. A now-defunct tech blog is one of the major inspirations that drove Okwii into technology blogging. But most importantly, the lack of content about the technology scene in Uganda and Africa at large meant that he had to champion such a herculean task. Even though it started off as rather fanatical and hobbyist.

In late 2012, the one-man blog graduated to This, arguably, was the most instrumental time for the budding technology blog. An ambitious team of 8 was assembled, to whose effect official business kicked off in earliest January 2013.

In April 2014, David led an ambitious rebranding exercise from to It was such a daunting exercise but whose results were insurmountable. has become a consumer-centric and authoritative voice everyone can count on. Dignited prides itself as leaders on device reviews, comparison of service providers such as telecoms, energy among others. Analysis of industry trends. Insight and opinion.